Thursday, November 10, 2011

M83 'Midnight City' Official video

I Love a lot of music but it's not often that a group affects me the way M83 has. 2008's Saturdays=Youth is a powerhouse album - dark and mysterious in a gorgeous and evocative way. About two months ago when Anthony Gonzalez and crew released their first single off the very eagerly-awaited double album that came out at the beginning of October (album titled Hurry Up, We're Dreaming, lead single titled Midnight City) I first heard it on Youtube with this static image behind it:

I seriously had chills upon listening to this track the first (and subsequent 200 times). It has become sacred to me, and affects my nervous system like a drug.

A very pleasurable drug.

The album is amazing, as expected, and last night we saw them live at the Music Box. I've been to hundreds of live shows in my life, many very amazing. Nothing has ever affected me the way M83 did. If you like the song below, Midnight City, now with an official video that also completely leveled me with Awe, buy the album (and then go back and buy the others, especially the aforementioned Saturdays=Youth and pay whatever it costs to see them live*, you will not regret it.


*If you live in LA or anywhere near it they did just pass through here on their tour, however, this Saturday the 12th tickets go on sale to see them at Club Nokia. That's a venue I never thought I'd step foot in, but you know what? It'll be worth it and after seeing them once, just like a drug, it's impossible to think of missing an opportunity to see them again!!!