Thursday, September 25, 2014

New Primus!

From the forthcoming record Primus and the Chocolate Factory with Fungi Ensemble which I would not even know about if not for Mr. Brown, out 10/21.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Cloud Nothings - Full Set @ Pitchfork

Special thanks to my good friend Jacob for turning me onto these guys a couple years ago. Still haven't picked up their most recent record, but if it's half as good as that last one - which the little bit I've watched of this live set seems to suggest it is - then it's classic.

Video via Pitchfork.

Rimbaud Eyes - Dum Dum Girls

Currently in love with this record. Better late than never. Dum Dum Girls have hit their mark and from here on out I think we're in for some amazing music.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


To my brothers and sisters in Scotland, all the wonderful people I've met there - no matter what you choose I wish you nothing but the best and stand with you in spirit, if not in person (for almost ten bloody years now!)

I'm having a flashback right at the moment, as about six months ago I read Sean-Paul Thomas' Cafe Independence, which takes place on the night of the historic vote.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Thrice Great

The Smug Brothers

Speaking of the Smug Brothers...

Trailer: The Houses October Built

I watched this the other day and wasn't quite sure how to take it. Watched it again tonight and was way more interested. I know very little about this flick, and that's usually the way I like to go into these things. There's enough in this trailer to make me think it's worth checking out. Cuz yeah, it's almost October, the most wonderful time of the year!!!

Gang of Four - I Love a Man in Uniform (Re-recorded)

Speaking of Post-Punk...

I'll admit, I had some trouble getting into Gang of Four initially. That's Entertainment sprawls a bit, and as much as I loved their sound upon hearing it I never really liked the way that sound was represented by their recordings. Slowly though I got used to it, mostly through the incredibly original musicianship going on with all instruments involved (the guitar on Tourist! Oh my...) but the rift with the recording kind of prevented me from digging any deeper.

At some point a man I respect very much, Dayton, Ohio's Larry Evans - of The Smug Brothers - told me in a beer-fueled conversation that I was doing myself a great disservice not digging deeper into Gang of Four's catalog. Almost at the same time Mr. Brown sent me a copy of the retrospective A Brief History of the 20th Century, which featured the original version of the above song, I Love a Man in Uniform. I gravitated back to this particular track again and again and it made me curious...

Sometime later I wanted to return the favor to Mr. Brown so on one of the occasions that he visited us we hit up a local record store and I picked up a copy of Return the Gift for him. At the time I had no idea it was an album of re-recordings of classic GOF songs. We popped that disc into the stereo and lo and behold here it was! The Gang of Four record I had been waiting for. All those classic records are fine - there's still several I need to explore, but the recording on these new versions are just fantastic; crisp, clear and very much what these guys deserve to sound like. Hard to imagine a band doing this and having it make such a stronger impression - maybe this is mostly because I don't have the history with these guys that other do, but here's the original version of the song - you tell me if the new one doesn't trump it by about 1000%.

Liars - Brats Official Video

How did I miss the video to my favorite track off 2012's WIXIW? These guys have always treated the video component to their music super experimentally and it's made them unlike any other band I know. Go back and watch their video for 2010's Scissors off the Sisterworld album, or this years Mess on a Mission. If this intrigues you and you've never seen it, the album that got me into Liars was Drum's Not Dead; not only is it a fantastic record that is 100% peerless, but there are three video versions of the album that come with the disc and every one of them employs groundbreaking and surrealistic takes on the band's music that completely enhance the experience of the music.

Eagulls - Live Performance on KEXP

Okay, I hate to use genre monikers, especially when you get into sub genres, as I'm about to, however there are a few of these that I find extremely helpful and on the nose when discussing similarities between certain bands/scenes. One is Post-Punk. I know, usually you slap "post" on anything and it immediately sounds pretentious. That's fine; pretension is sometimes warranted and sometimes good. ESPECIALLY when discussing Post-Punk groups such as Gang of Four, Bauhaus, Savages, Wire, The Teardrop Explodes and Magazine. There's been quite a resurgence in Post-Punk these last couple of years and Eagulls definitely fits into it. Expect more of these guys here; like I said earlier, I am in hardcore love with this record.

Eagulls - Soulless Youth

I am absolutely in LOVE with Eagulls debut 2014 record. Oh my. As Mr. Brown said after sending this my way, they'd make a great double bill with Savages.

Grant Morrison & Frazer Irving's Annihilator... the topic of discussion in this week's Thee Comic Column over there on Joup. Published monthly by Legendary Comics (that's the comics arm of Legendary Pictures, the fine folks who endeared themselves to me forever by releasing The Dark Knight Rises and Pacific Rim) Annihilator's first issue sets up what I'm thinking is going to be one hell of a unique tale by mind-fuck master Grant Morrison, with beautiful art by Frazer Irving, who did some of the creepiest art I've ever seen in both Morrison's Klarion the Witch Boy and the penultimate arc of his Batman and Robin series.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Drinking with Comics Half-Pint

New Half-Pint entry into our 'micro-series' where we discuss Eric Powell's The Goon, his collaboration with John Carpenter on the Big Trouble In Little China sequel book from BOOM! Studios and, er, social ills and how pouring beer on yourself can help them...?

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sunday, September 7, 2014

My Suggestions for the Top 5 Graphic Novels Everyone Should Read

This week's Thee Comic Column over on Joup is the 100th edition! To celebrate I've compiled this list - it's not necessarily a list of my favorite five - though it's probably close - but the suggestions I would give to anyone - my mom, your sister, Sister Ray, Billy Joel - whoever on how to break in to comics. Because honestly, I feel these books transcend whatever anyone could expect of them and could all shatter whatever misconceptions keep people from giving the comics/GN's a fair shake.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Scratch Acid - Live Set in Austin, 1985

The sound quality isn't spectacular but it's from 19-freakin'-85 so what could we expect, eh? Mr. Brown sent this to me some time ago and I'm (criminally) just getting around to watching it now. Yow is in good form, although he doesn't seem quite as insane as his Lizard days. I should add I never had the chance to see Scratch Acid live but became a fan after reverse engineering from The Jesus Lizard. This is pure musical archeology here; for the record, as it were.