Sunday, June 30, 2013

T.O.M.B. - Uncovered Ancient Gateways

My favorite strain of Black Metal is the kind that pushes the boundaries. Blut Aus Nord is, thus far, the best example of this I've discovered. My good friend Chris told me about T.O.M.B. recently and it appears they are of the same vein, although judging by this, further along the spiral of noise, hence why they apparently refer to themselves as Black Noise instead of Black Metal. And if you read their 'Bio' here you will not regret it. Field recordings of haunted and bizarre places incorporated into their music? Awesome.

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Moderat - Bad Kingdom

FINALLY!!! New Moderat hit when I wasn't looking. Awesome. I've put in a lot of miles with the first Moderat album. I've grown quite fond of walking around West LA to it in the mornings. It's a very powerful pull on my creative process and I almost consider it more a tool in that regard than a piece of music, much like how I learned to use DJ Shadow's Endtroducing (that's some powerful stuff there).

New Moderat album is due August 2nd on Monkeytown Records.

New Music From Ghostbox: Listening Center

A few years ago a combination of scribe Warren Ellis and Wire magazine got me into a little British label called Ghost Box. Ghost Box is associated with what some call the "Hauntology" movement and features releases by, among many others, such names as Belbury Poly, The Advisory Circle and Broadcast and the Focus Group (RIP Trish Keenan). I signed up for the label's wonderful newsletter, Ghost Box News and frequent their blog, belburyparishmagazine.blogspot. I've been behind on my emails and just realized the newest in their Study Series releases is from New York's Listening Center. Great stuff, somewhat evocative of 70's era Goblin. You can buy the vinyl or downloads at Ghost Box's site here.

Sean Murphy & Scott Snyder's The Wake

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The new series from Vertigo comics is excellent! Read about it in Thee Comic Book Column #43 on Joup!

Rosslyn Chapel Cymatics

Another great Cymetics-related video via The Center For Cymatics. You can read more about this here at the Journal for Cymatics website.

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Came Back Haunted... by Photosensitive Epilepsy?

I can't watch it. I loved what I saw when I was finally able to sit down with my friend Michael and hit play on David Lynch's video for NIN's new single "Came Back Haunted". I am a NIN's fan, and I am a MASSIVE David Lynch fan, but the video actually threw my head out of whack for well over 24 hours. Now, I'm not sure if I am sensitive to bouts of photosensitive epilepsy, as suggested by the disclaimer at the beginning of the video. I know that I have not ever had epilepsy or any other kind of seizure that I am aware of, but this really messed with me BAD Friday night.

Now, this is strange, in that long time readers will remember my posting an electronic version of Brion Gysin's Dream Machine on this blog several years ago. I utilize the dream machine on a somewhat regular basis - this is a machine is made to marry the viewer's brainwaves to various frequencies via flashing patterns, thus inducing various states of consciousness. This has never bothered me, therefore I can only assume that there it is the exact frequency at which the Lynch video flickers that is doing very uncomfortable things to my brain. This fits with the definition of photosensitive epilepsy that I encountered on Wikipedia

The experience was pretty much terrifying, yet at the same time there was something... Occult about it. That's the wrong word, however I've been interested in epilepsy for years, since being introduced to the concept of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy as a kind of visionary or perhaps even transcendent occurrence, first in the pages of Grant Morrison's The Invisibles, then in his The Filth. In reading about TLE on (here) I was a little unnerved to find that although actual physical seizures never arose (that I was aware of) this description somewhat describes experiences I've had for well over a decade, ever since I began practicing the Occult - a practice that has morphed and waned over the years but still remains of interest to me today, obviously - experiences that are pretty hard to sum up into words and have themselves morphed and waned over the years, from indescribable crystal clear memories of people and scenarios that seem dreamlike yet more real than any previous dream, memories that come on so strong they cause my nasal passages to sting as if with sudden bursts of ozone and silver spots to boil before my eyes (imagery borrowed from William S. Burroughs), to almost complete 'White Outs' where my vision succumbs to a completely white field that always carries with it glimpses of something that always remains just... out of... reach.

If I have the time I plan on writing a piece about this experience for Joup, as it was extremely unnerving, yet very interesting.

Oh Gale...

Mr. Brown sent this to me recently. It reminded me that I simply cannot wait for Breaking Bad to return.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Stereolab - Pack Tr Romantic Mind

From my very favorite Stereolab record, Transient Random-Noise Bursts with Announcements.

Trans Am - Motr

Always cool to start the day with something you haven't heard in a while. A long while in this case.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Nightmare Air - Icy Daggers

Just heard this group for the first time right now. Really, really diggin' it.

Grimm Teachaz Bandcamp

You apparently can't buy this anymore. It's listed as sold out, and it seems as though the digital files only came existed for those who bought the physical. I remember this being a conundrum to me when I first found it, back in 2010 around the time I interviewed Serengeti. I think I asked him about how to get it and didn't get a straight answer, which is kind of cool despite it being a skosh frustrating. Not many things stay enigmatic in the digital age. Grimm Teachaz - already kind of an alt-reality 90's hip hop group - has remained that way now, at least to me, for three years.


Grimm Teachaz - I Getz (featuring Son Doobie)

Another Serengeti project, but this one's is a riddle. The group didn't really exist, or at least not when they say they did (90's), although if you follow this back to youtube you'll see a lot of folks claiming they 'saw' them live.


I Love this track. A LOT.

THIS is specifically why I dislike most rap today - I miss when bass heavy, trippy, smoked-out hip hop ran far and wide. Now it's like pulling teeth just to get dudes to actually hone and demonstrate vocal prowess. Non-vocal rap, I've heard that's what they call drake and other such acts. That's kinda like Christian Death Metal, isn't it?

Serengeti drops the Kenny Dennis LP today!!!

Thanks to the infallible Mr. Brown for alerting me to this with an AVCLUB article you can read here. I Love Serengeti's stuff. I interviewed him a couple years ago (read that here and here).

Ben Shepard (Soundgarden) Solo Record

First track off Baron Robber, Soundgarden bass player Ben Shepherd's first solo record. Reminds me a bit of Down on the Upside-era SG, which is a very good thing. The record comes out 8/27. Oh, and it's under the handle HBS.

Miranda Sex Garden - Play Video

From the Suspiria album - my second favorite of the bands' (and yes it is named after the Dario Argento movie).

Katherine Blake's vocals have always scared me on this one, but now seeing her 'sing' them, even moreso.

Miranda Sex Garden - Transit Live

I'm having a Miranda Sex Garden day. This appears to be in mono, but it's still very cool, as I've never seen footage of them playing before.

Monday, June 24, 2013

David Lynch - Star Dream Girl

You know, I really want him to do another film, but I'm pretty damn happy with him releasing music every two years.

Queens of the Stone Age cover Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines

Also via Pitchfork (and BBC)

Mark Lanegan - Methamphetamine Blues

Also from the album Bubblegum

Queens of the Stone Age cover Mark Lanegan's 100 Days

YES! Queens covering one of my favorite tracks by Mark Lanegan, 100 Days from the Brilliant record Bubblegum!!!

via Pitchfork and originally Antiquiet!

House on The Borderland

Forgot to post last week's edition of Thee Comic Column. You can read all about The House on the Borderland here.

Polica - Interview (2012 Slacker Radio)

Rykard - Peter & Clark's Big Idea


I know nothing about Rykard, but I'm liking this.

Boards of Canada - Palace Posy (Tomorrow's Harvest)

Last week I completely forgot that the new Boards of Canada had come out. Well, scratch that, what I'd completely forgot was that June 18th had come and gone. Where the hell did June go? Anyway thanks to my good friend Jacob I received a copy over the weekend and pretty much haven't stopped listening to it since. If anything can derail a Godflesh binge, it's new Boards of Canada.

Palace Posy is one of my favorite tracks. There's something regal about the way it moves, but also a bit dancy. Also, it reminds me a bit of Badly Drawn Boy, but I'm not sure what track (and I only know two records' worth of his music). Welcome to the Overground maybe?

RIP Richard Matheson

Well, today just started to suck.

Joe Rogan talks to Bobcat Goldthwait about Willow Creek

And as long as I'm tripping off that, here's Joe Rogan's podcast where he talks to Bobcat about the making of the aforementioned (in the previous post) new movie Willow Creek.

Bobcat Goldthwait's New Movie...

... is a found footage, bigfoot flick?

Wow. Did not see that coming. Still, man's a genius, I'll see anything he does.

Via aintitcoolnews

David Lynch - Noah's Ark

From Crazy Clown Time. I'm basically just killing time until the new Lynch album comes out.

Ghostlight Trailer (via aint it cool news)

Via aintitcoolnews. Looks like there's some hinks in the acting/script, but it also looks like they did a great job with the tone considering the low budget. I'll see it - looks fun.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things

Part of my viewing this evening. Been a while, but this is a great flick. What it lacks in budget (and fashion sense for fuck's sake) it MORE than makes up for in tone and that special sick quality that grainy film and an amazingly twisted score will produce when married together in the perfect amounts.

Favorite moments: From ~1:01:15 and right about 1:20:27.

And if ya didn't know, same director as A Christmas Story (among other titles of note).

Friday, June 21, 2013

Patrick Wensink on Unbound - Fiction on the Radio

If you've not read Patrick's book Broken Piano For President you REALLY should. It's fantastic, and it introduced me to the new guiding light of my life. WWGD? (what would Gibby do?)

Dillinger Escape Plan - One of Us is the Killer Official Video (finally!!!)

I tried and tried to post this earlier in the week but it had been taken down. Well, it's back up now, so we can see what all the hullabaloo was about.

One of my favorite tracks off the new record.

Blut Aus Nord The Work Which Transforms God 10th Anniversary Vinyl

Yep. Grab yours here at Debemur-Morti I ordered mine today. There's either the 2x12" LP version or the double, gatefold CD (which is limited to 777 copies- NICE).

Now, I'm pretty sure these are packaged w/out Thematic Emanations of Archetypal Multiplicity, HOWEVER, there is a cover of Godflesh's Mighty Trust Krusher. I've posted the original below - Emanations and The Work... were my first experiences with the wonder that is Blut Aus Nord, and one of the first things I noticed as I fell into their black orbit was the obvious influence Godflesh and Justin K. Broadrick in general had on Vindsval. Well, no where can that be heard more than on Streetcleaner's The Mighty Trust Krusher. I can't wait to hear what Nord's version of this classic sounds like.

Special edition releases July 5th.

Japandroids Perform Adrenaline Nightshift on Letterman (via Pitchfork)

I've been so immersed in working on my novel I'm really behind on shit in the music world, so for now I'm just pilfering openly from random sites. This is via Pitchfork, and if you follow the link back there they have a great vid of the band performing Fire's Highway @ 2012's Pitchfork Fest in my native Chicago.

If I watched late night tv, I'd watch Letterman.

And I LOVE Japandroids.

Fuck Buttons - The Red Wing Music Video

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Hate the Taste video Premier and...

...and here it is on that one guy's show. You know, the one who retired, then took it back, then acted like a big baby? Yeah, that guy.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cockneys vs. Zombies Trailer

Pretty tired of zombies, but when matched against a buncha Brits, I'm kinda interested. Via bloody disgusting, who have some release info here.

Godflesh live @ Schorndorf March 31, 1990 FULL SHOW

And here's the full show.

Godflesh - Head Dirt live @ Schorndorf March 31 1990

How the FUCK does this only have 171 hits??????????????

RIP James Gandolfini

This quite literally brings me to tears. As Tony Soprano I often stated - completely without hyperbole - that I could be entertained simply watching the man eat a sandwich for an hour. But let us not forget some other memorable roles. The Fight (capital F quite intentional) with Patricia Arquette in True Romance, Big Dave in the Cohen Brothers' The Man Who Wasn't There or the one I still haven't seen but experienced a total 'What the FUCK' moment with the trailer when I realized it was him beneath the make-up on Spike Jonze' adaptation of Where The Wild Things Are.

Mr. Gandolfini assuredly has a spot reserved for him in actors' heaven, and in the meantime I will eat a hoagie and ask the next person who curses at me the age old question in his honor, "You blow your father with that mouth?"

New Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know

This band is just really, really good. The new song apparently dropped in the middle of the night last night and Gigwise has a great 'What's to expect from the new record' piece here.

The Postal Service - A Tattered Line of String

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New Ministry Record: From Beer to Eternity

From Beer to Eternity drops 9/6/13. Read more about it here on Joup.

Miranda Sex Garden - A Fairytale About Slavery

Title track from another of my favorite records of all time.

Stream Palms' Debut Album

image courtesy of
BIG TIME thank you sirs go out to the always awesome Metal Sucks for cluing me in on this. Spin has the entire debut album by Palms, the band that is Deftones' singer Chino Moreno + most of the band Isis. Go here and listen. The record comes out June 25th on Ipecac.

I've been a Deftones fan since White Pony, and I love Chino's other side project Team Sleep, but after this years Koi No Yokan I'll buy anything Chino touches.

Exclaim! Posts Amazingly Exhaustive History of Dillinger Escape Plan

image courtesy of the band's Last.FM page
Read it here. Wow. A very, very interesting read. Nicely done Natalie Zina Walschots.

No Age C'mon Stimmung (streaming)

I've seen their name around the boards but have no previous experience with No Age. However the description I just encountered on Mxdwn, something to the effect of an 'experimental, two-piece punk band' sounds a lot like the two second elevator pitch for my current band Christian Fisting, so I'm interested.

New Tricky Record - False Idols

Okay, this may get yanked, and I don't mean to put this up here so peeps can listen and not buy. I haven't bought yet, but from the way False Idols is sounding so far, I will be! Listen, if you dig, throw down some duckets!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Godflesh - Flowers Remix

I recently scored tix to see the mighty Godflesh in both Chicago and LA all in the same week!!! Special thanks to both my wonderful wife and Mr. Brown for throwing down on tix while I was slavin' away in the cryo lab.

I'm celebrating with a lot of Godflesh in the stereo.

Arab Strap - Love Detective

Arab Strap's The Red Thread is one of the best album's I own (and I own a lot of albums). Kind of a Scottish version of Massive Attack's Mezzanine, but with more acoustic guitars, if that makes any sense.

UPDATE: Tuesday, 6/18 - what the hell's with my putting an apostrophe in albums?

Frightened Rabbit - Late March, Death March (Australian Tour Diary)

Led Zeppelin - Ten Years Gone

My god, the places this song takes me...

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Yellow House - U R Ur Car Official Video

Okay, this is circa 2001 I think. The track was the 'single' from our first and only album "Refurbished"(there were two subsequent E.P.'s).You'll notice that it looks as though we are violating my 'don't show the band playing the song in the video because they're not really playing' policy, HOWEVER, that is not the case. Erik Hansen shot and cut this and he did a freakin' amazing job - we rented this roller rink, rented a collapsable stage, erected it in the middle of the rink, put an ad in the local newspaper that said something to the effect of, "Music Video Shoot - come and skate and be in our video" so that although many of the people you see are our fans/friends, some are people who just showed up for the novelty of the experience or because they would have been there anyway to skate. My point is, we shot the video but played some degree of a show as well, so when you see us playing, we're really playing. Any visual that matches what's going on in the music is simply Mr. Hansen's skill. A lot of this is pretty goofy, and I'd def do some stuff different looking back, but it is what it is and I hadn't seen this in ten years or so until just a week ago, so I'm trippin' off it for sure right now.

I'd also like to point out that the band was named after the yellow house where Van Gogh and Gauguin lived and worked for a time. We wanted something that represented the line between genius and insanity.

Led Zeppelin - Achilles Last Stand

When I fall back into a Led Zeppelin jag I fall hard. I've been listening to Presence over and over again for the last few days - I love the band's entire catalogue - they're the one "classic" rock band that still flows in my blood daily*, probably because they were a large part of the soundtrack to my days in high school spent really feasting on music - learning about it and really just over dosing on it constantly. I could go on - in fact I've half a mind to turn this into an article for Joup. Maybe I will. In the meantime however, I submit for your consideration, Achilles Last Stand - the greatest rock song ever?

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Elysium Extended Trailer

Is it me or doesn't it feel like Elysium and Pacific Rim will NEVER get here.

Speaking of Breaking Bad... Lego Video Game Parody


Break Bad Right Now

image courtesy of
Although I am a massive Twin Peaks fan (you may have noticed) and it is still probably my favorite show of all time there is one show that on any given day, depending on how much thought I'm giving either one, may give it a run for the money. Without a doubt Breaking Bad is the best television writing I've ever encountered. I mean, it's just amazing, end of story. Not that Peaks isn't, but all of us who Love it recognize that there are some problems in there, largely due to Lynch leaving for a time to make Wild at Heart (not blaming, just saying).

Whatever the case I recently began re-watching Breaking Bad from the beginning. I've seen season one twice, but that's the only part of the series I've had the luxury of a repeated viewing on. With the final episodes coming up in August and my good friend Ray having never seen the show, this seemed the perfect time for a viewing as a 'run-up' to THE END.

I will cry when it's over, but I'm always glad when things aren't milked (a-hem... sopranos... a-hem*).


*Which I love but was obviously milked.

Miranda Sex Garden - In Heaven (Everything is Fine)

A great rendition of a classic David Lynch-penned tune. The organ that serves as a bridge is among my favorite sounds ever.

How did I get to this? Weeeeellllll.....

I am a HUGE Miranda Sex Garden fan, but I haven't been on a 'binge' with them in a while. Then I a little while ago I was over on the always awesome Heaven is an Incubator and listened to this incredible Lustmord track that he posted (go to that track directly on the 'Incubator here). Somewhere in there (I was drifting and not totally conscious of time - the track will do that to you) there was an organ sound very similar to the one I mention above.

Re-Reading Neil Gaiman's Sandman

image courtesy of
Read my article on Joup here. And the source of the unbelievable image I've linked above is here. Outstanding!!!

High on Fire's Spitting Fire

image courtesy of
These two live discs with material spanning High on Fire's incredible career releases on Tuesday, however Pitchfork has the second disc streaming HERE right now!!! It's really, really good - a great representation of High on Fire from someone who has seen them a number of times in venues of varying sizes.

The Best Article on Superman You're Gonna Read In The Immediate Future

The character, not the movie. Right through this DOOR. Written by my friend Chester Whelks. Rock on.

Chvrches - Recover

This is cool. I just received my old band The Yellow House's video for our song U R Ur Car where, just like the Chvrches video above, we rented a roller rink for the video shoot, rented a stage and set up and played in the middle of a ton of people skating. It was really cool. I'm going to have to upload that to the ol' utubes and post it here.

Chvrches - Gun

Sex Pistols - The Filth and the Fury

Been a while since I've watched this, but it's essential viewing for Lydon/Pistols fans.

Sex Pistols 1/10/78 Longhorn Ballroom, Dallas TX - Bodies

Classic Rotten. Part of the 12 tour dates that changed the world.

The Lydon/Constantine Connection

And speaking of Johnny Rotten, I know that the initial incarnation of John Constantine was based on Sting (via Swamp Thing) but obviously Lydon was, in the long run, a much more inspirational force behind the character.

image courtesy of

John Lydon Takes Rock Royalty to Task

Apparently it's John Lydon day here on my blog. Oh goody!!! I quite like Neil Young (but not all of his music) but Lydon's impression of him is pretty damn good, actually.

John Lydon Watches and Comments on Katy Perry's Part of Me

This is just priceless.

Public Image Ltd. - Swan Lake

The great PIL just came back onto my radar lately.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bookhouse's Twin Peaks record "Ghostwood"

Thanks to the mighty Bloody Disgusting for posting about this. The band is Bookhouse, the album is Ghostwood. Awesome!!! Follow the BD link for more info on it and some video too!!!

Godflesh - Paralyzed demo Version

From the re-mastered deluxe Hymns, via an older Brooklyn Vegan post. One of my favorite Godflesh records. But then, I can say that about pretty much all of them.

Fe - Let It Go

Something I just randomly decided to click on and quite liked.

New Polica - TIff

2012's Give You the Ghost was in my top 10 of last year. I dig this song, but the video is a bit violent for my tastes. Torture porn-ish in a way.

This from a guy whose first video featured someone tearing their own heart out. Hmmm...

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Silencio - Slow Sin Jazz

Thanks again to Welcome to Twin Peaks for turning me onto this. Music inspired by the works of David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti.

I've just discovered this site thanks to my good friend Missi. I know I'd been on it before at some point (there's A LOT of TP sites out there) but she has re-introduced me to it. I'm making it a regular stop now - maybe because I'm in a Lynch mood again (have been ever since buying the Twin Peaks Archive) and this strikes me now as the perfect replacement of the old Wrappped in Plastic magazine I used to subscribe to back in the 90's/early 00's.

And what with all the hazy talk of netflix (or someone) bringing... naw, let's not say it and jinx it. Bob may be listening.

David Lynch & Lykke Li - I'm Waiting Here

First release from the forthcoming new album by Mr. Lynch. Apparently, if you pre-order the record from itunes you get this as an instant free download. Very nice, reminds me of sitting out on the old mining road, watching the sun hang in the air over town but never quite come up.

David Lynch: New Album Teaser

The Big Dream is the new album by David Lynch, to be released on July 16th (July 15th across the pond).

Monday, June 10, 2013

22 years ago tonight on Twin Peaks

"Over ten million US households watched as Dale Cooper entered the Black Lodge in the 2-hour series finale of Twin Peaks." - from Welcome to Twin Peaks.

I was one of those households and I was forever changed and inspired by that 2 hours. Raise those glasses fellow Peaks fans. (and thanks to Welcome to Twin Peaks and my good friend Missi for the anniversary reminder!!!)

Amoeba Music's What's in my Bag: Jason Mewes

This is a great series. I have to start posting more of them.

King of Leon - Closer (to a new record)

I never was able to get into their last record, but Kings of Leon hold a special place in my heart. 'Holy Roller Novocaine' was on the first mix CD my wife gave me back in '03 when I met here. At that time the band was nobody and had a considerably different, dirtier sound. However, with Because of the Times and Only By the Night they became a much better, moodier band. I'll be curious to hear Mechanical Bull, their forthcoming new record to be released on 9/24.

Deftones - Swerve City Video

Awesome. I'd say that I'd like to see a video for Rosemary next, but I do not think anyone could do justice to the images that song puts in my head. How about Graphic Nature instead?

New King Khan & The Shrines - Born to Die

Rain Room

This is just bizarre. One thing that drives me crazy about living in CA is there is almost NO RAIN EVER.

I quite like the rain.

Queens of the Stone Age on Lettermen

I'm way behind on posting this but it's been a busy couple days catching up on the sleep I need to live.

Video: Sepultura in the Studio

Found these on blabbermouth. Interesting thing, other than hearing Ross Robinson talk is in the first clip you'll see the camera walk over and look out onto the strand in Venice. I was just there! Think I even know exactly where that is (not that I'm gonna go back and try and see, but it's still pretty cool).

I'm not a huge fan of Venice Beach, mainly because it's overpopulated with tourists and... how can I say this delicately? Scum? The outdoor weightlifting station says says it all.

I'm by no means a rabid Sepultura fan - I haven't really followed since Chaos A.D. (though Roots is quite good as well, esp. the track with Patton). I lucked into a promo copy of 2009's A-Lex and it's pretty cool, but overall their just kind of the band I keep a nostalgic eye on in the updates and break out the old stuff when I'm in the mood (Chaos A.D. really is one of the best metal albums of the 90's).

Sunday, June 9, 2013

New Song From The Neighbourhood - No Grey

Another new song? Nice...

Speaking of The Evens

Not the best sound quality, but still very cool.

Pailhead - Ballad

Pailhead - basically Ministry with Ian MacKaye of Fugazi and more recently The Evens (as well as, of course, Minor Threat and a bunch of other bands as well).

Neil Gaiman on Iain Banks' Passing

image courtesy of
I've never read any book by Iain Banks. Before I worked at the bookstore, from '06-'11 I don't know that I even really knew who he was. But when you work at a bookstore you get to really see a lot of store you have missed or would undoubtedly miss, and once I started handling his books I started reading about him online. He's been in my 'I'll get to it' que since, along with Charles De Lint, John Scalzi and a host of others.

And now he's dead.

Of course his passing affects me in a removed way, but it affects me nonetheless - in a way every human beings does when we stop to pay attention to the idea of essence slipping away and disappearing from our world. But the death of Iain Banks (aka Iain M. Banks) does not affect me as it does those who were fans, or those who knew him.

Or those lucky enough to fall into both of those categories, as Neil Gaiman so obviously does, as evidenced in this heartfelt reaction here.

Friday, June 7, 2013

A Film Based on Irvine Welsh's Filth? Yep. Trailer

This novel is incredible. It also features pages "narrated' by the lead character's tape worm. I wonder if that will make it into the movie.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Aimee Mann & Ted Leo: #Both - Voices Carry

HOLY PETER FAULK!!! This is a thing? I just discovered #Both - a project that is Aimee Mann AND Ted freakin' Leo! And the first thing I land on when I youtube it? Ted Leo helping her play one of my favorite songs EVER!!!

QOTSA!!! Yell it from the rooftops!!!

If you're a fan and haven't bought this yet you need to. If you're unfamiliar with one of the greatest rock bands of the last decade and a half then go get Rated R and work your way up to this.

V/H/S/ 2 on VOD Now

Courtesy of Bloodydisgusting.

Gigwise: Interview/Performance by The Neighbourhood

image courtesy of
Gigwise has a fantastic little interview/performance by one of my current favorite bands, The Neighbourhood, here.

Queens of the Stone Age ...Like Clockwork

image courtesy of
This album is incredible and has been one of the best first listens in a year so far packed with pretty fantastic first listens. Read my take on Joup: Queens of the Stone Age ...Like Clockwork

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

New NIN single Came Back Haunted

Insidious 2 Trailer

The first Insidious was one of the first genuinely new 'scary' movies I'd seen in a long time. This looks like it may be a bit of a re-hash, ala the Poltergeist sequels, but I'm still going to give it the benefit of the doubt. That scene in this trailer at 0:40 seconds gave me a chill.

Liz Phair - Never Said

... and then there's this PERFECT little song. SO awesome.

Best Coast - Boyfriend

... and since we're talking about groups that remind me of Liz Phair. I'll admit, I like Best Coast quite a bit - like Phair's early music Bethany Cosentino has one of those vocal presences that immediately made me have a crush on her (like Phair once did). However, I've never liked anything I've heard from this band as much as I like this particular song. It all comes together here - the vocals, backing vocals and that luscious reverb-saturated guitar/drums really take me someplace.

Waxahatchee - Coast to Coast

My cousin Charles recommended this group to me recently. I perused them on Spotify but my mind's been in a million places lately (and 999,999 of those places have been QOTSA) and they didn't click. Then I encountered this video on Pitchfork this morning and was immediately taken aback by how much it reminds me of Exile in Guyville-era Liz Phair.

Pretty cool (not that I doubted it - Charles has excellent taste in music)

Savages on Fallon

This band is just so damn good. Via Pitchfork.

New Divine Fits

I'm largely unfamiliar with everyone in The Divine Fits - in spite of my wife and a lot of my friends' really liking Spoon I'm kind of on the outskirts of that - I like what I've heard of them, but have never really been moved to get into their music. That said, Mr. Brown gave me The Divine Fits record last year and I really dug it. Now via here's a new song they premiered live recently.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hellbenders V7

Lescop - La Foret

I know nothing about this artist, literally just discovered him/them via a youtube sidebar. I like the subtle introduction of the guitar in this track. Sometime I'll have to tell you my story about 24 hours in France, but right now I gotta split, drop a good friend off at the airport (tears) and go to verk.

New Moderat Single to drop 7/12...

... on Monkeytown Records.

AHHH!!!! Why must we wait until July when the album is out a month after that?

I'm being a dick. It's kind of cool that they're playing this so close to the chest, what with a lot of the advance marketing we've seen for album releases this year. I'm just REALLY looking forward to new Moderat, as I've been listening to the first album again A LOT for the last two months or so. While we wait, here's one of the tracks of said first album. This song sounds like the night:

New Hot Chip - Dark & Stormy

New Hot Chip.

Chelsea Wolfe - Pain Is Beauty Album Trailer

New album out on 9/03 (via Brooklyn Vegan)