Thursday, February 27, 2014

Bret Easton Ellis & Rob Zombie Designing Manson Murder Series

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A good friend just rocked my world on Twitter when she through this article at me. Holy smokes!

Now, I'm a fan of Zombie's first two flicks for sure. Halloween I'd have to see again - it's no original and definitely overdid the 'cause and effect' of Michael Myers, which really was better left unexplained, but seeing it in the theatre I have to admit that both visually and sonically I was blown away with the film. The sequel however, despite being a beautifully shot film, really only works with the sound turned off, as every line of dialogue and plot point just frustrates the hell out of me.

Then came Lords of Salem, which I really wanted to like and just plain could not make it through. Again and even more so, visually the film was fantastic, but I could not get through it.

Ellis on the other hand has never let me down and the idea of Zombie visualizing his script fills me with absolute joy! Especially if the subject they are helming is based on Charles Manson. I'm not one of those Manson aficionados like Zombie is, but its an area of American history that very much interests me - the shadow cousin of the Peace and Love 60's that left its initials tattooed across the decade - and I think both auteurs will turn out an amazing project, especially as it is apparently NOT an adapted work but an original take.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer

It's been just under 24 hours and I know everyone has already seen this, however I like it so much I felt I had to post it.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

YES! New Afghan Whigs Single - Algiers

A little hot under the collar after dealing with american airlines - don't fly them folks, trust me, just don't - but this is helping smooth out those rough edges. A few weeks ago Bob Odenkirk of all people let slip that his good friend Greg Dulli informed me the Whigs have an album coming out on April 15th. We all knew there had to be a new record on the horizon after the Whigs' come back tour last year and the two free-download singles on their website, we just didn't know when. Well, since news of the record left good ol' Saul Goodman's mouth I've had to keep myself busy as the almost infinite stretch of time between life in the moment and 4/15/14 has, on more than one occasion thus far, nearly driven me mad. Of course when news like this comes down the wire I run straight to my CD's and pull out all my Whigs, along with anything I have by the Twilight Singers and The Gutter Twins, but all that really does is further add to the frustration - frustration that makes waiting for the fabled date is more akin to watching a kettle boil that is on a burner that continually goes out. And now today the band, as if sensing its fans' madness ("Sixteen bloody years and NO I can't wait another two months") has released the first single/video from the forthcoming Do To the Beast.

Thank you Greg Dulli and fellow Whigs. You've helped sooth an otherwise frustrating day.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Penny Dreadful Trailer

via Bloody Disgusting, and there's a lot more info on this new Showtime series (cast, creators, etc.) if you read their article here. This looks to be Showtime's answer to American Horror Story so hopefully the quality is on par. I don't know much about this other than what I read tonight but based on this trailer I'm excited. Now as long as this doesn't pull a Hemlock Grove and end up being... less than what I'd expected (though a good friend has told me to give HG another chance, as all I watched was the pilot).

Thee Comic Column #72 - Wicker

I had a fantastic interview with Darker Sho today via email. You may remember Mr. Sho as one of the creators of the forthcoming comic RUIN, which I interviewed him about back a few months ago (read it here). Today's topic of discussion was the next project his company Darker and June Entertainment has coming up, another comic of his creation called Wicker. This one looks absolutely amazing and right up my alley: HORROR. Read all about it in this week's edition of Thee Comic Column.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

POLIÇA - "I Need $" // "So Leave"

Via Brooklyn Vegan. This is an interesting video in that I don't necessarily love the "story" but I quite like the way it is shot and assembled. The song is good too - as is most Polica - kind of stoic and removed. The "So Leave" part, while the shorter segment, is a nice outro a la older Massive Attack, in concept if not entirely in sound.

Ransom Riggs - Scar Beneath My Sleeve


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Death (70's Detroit) Releasing New "Lost" Record

Via Brooklyn Vegan. How many lost records can they have? Hopefully a LOT.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Some Kind of Ghost Official Video

BRMC have always had a hint of Mazzy Star influence but here it comes roaring - or perhaps more accurately quietly ebbing - out. The video is a perfect accompaniment to the track. I love that this band has honed their flare for the cinematic, it really sets them apart - moreso.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Field In England Trailer

I've been waiting for this film for quite a while now. There's a great review of it that just went up on Latino Review.

The Horrors - Changing the Rain

Speaking of The Horrors, how the heck did I ever miss this?

The Horrors w/ Thurston Moore

Also via Stereogum. New song performed live with Thurston Moore. The genuine thinking is this is from the forthcoming Horrors album, set to be released sometime in April.

The National Live @ Sydney Opera House - Full Set

Via Stereogum, who also has a full set list here. I'm still just getting into this band and I haven't sat down to watch this yet, but I am very excited to do so.

Drinking with Comics Issue #2

Issue 2 is up!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Black Sabbath - Under the Sun/Everyday Comes and Goes

It's raining in LA and I'm celebrating with Black Sabbath Vol. 4

And Marilyn Manson's Phantasmagoria is FILMING???

Via the mighty Bloody Disgusting, you can read their article here. I had actually never seen this trailer before. If the film bears any resemblance to it this will be Phantastic!!!

Preacher: It's Official

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Okay, I have faith in Rogen and Goldberg. It's AMC I'm worried about. You don't take this project on if you don't understand the material, so let's hope the network that brings us the insanely up and down TWD understands it. Cuz I don't think angry Preacher fans are who you want on your back. Just saying.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman

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My mind is blown. This sucks. What terrible news and a horrifying loss to film. I was just discussing his role in PTA's The Master last night. So many amazing roles.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Jeff Hanneman Would Have Been 50 Yesterday

So throw up some horns people! I went for this clip in particular despite the fact that the overall sound isn't really good primarily because it highlights Jeff for my personal favorite solo of his, which begins at about 1:43.

Dum Dum Girls - Rimbaud Eyes Live on Letterman

Via Brooklyn Vegan, who have some Awesome pictures from the band's show at New York venue Mercury Lounge show with Sapphire Mansions and The New Lines right over here.

Trailer: Denis Villeneuve's Enemy

Based on the absolutely breathtaking power of Villeneuve's Prisoners (which easily made it into my top films of last year) I can not wait to see this, his second film in a row with Jake Gyllenhaal. Couple with that the fact that I have always had a fascination with doppelgangers - well, ever since the days of Twin Peaks back in the early 90's - and I am simply unable to quantify my anticipation for Enemy at this time.

Marilyn Manson - The Reflecting God

It's funny, when this album came out I was most definitely not a fan of Marilyn Manson. For much of his early to mid career, as he ascended into goth-metal-godhood I thought he was a moron. This was particularly based on an interview I saw him and multi-instrumentalist Twiggy Ramirez do circa mid-90's where they pretty much acted like morons and said some things that felt rather disingenuous. That's the funny thing about Manson, and something I definitely didn't get until much later - depending on what face he wanted to put forward at any given moment he was apt so play different angles on his character. Later the two songs on the soundtrack to David Lynch's Lost Highway soundtrack planted the seeds of my interest in his music. Piggyback on this his autobiography The Long, Hard Road Out of Hell - which I read in a day, and then finally his BRILLIANT post-Columbine rebuttal to the accusations of real morons that his music was to blame for that tragedy and I began to realize that this guy was a very, very smart person. And an artist of the highest order. As the years have gone by I've become more and more of a fan, Antichrist Superstar achieving a status in my personal hierarchy of music that puts it up there with the greatest concept albums ever made. This - very much like Pink Floyd's The Wall - almost feels transcendent of the idea that it is a concept album in a world where that term gets bandied about a little too loosely (smashing turnips' meloncholo and the infinite drabness a concept album? No.). Antichrist Superstar of course also has the distinct function of being a rather sophisticated act of Magick, and the power the cycle of songs achieves by the time it reaches the peak song The Reflecting God is something that can be physically harnessed and used to fuel all manner of creative, philosophical and empowering undertakings.