Sunday, November 30, 2014


... the new series by Scott Snyder and Jock. In the words of my co-host on Drinking with Comics, Mike Wellman, "It's creepy as all hell," and it's the topic on tap in this week's Thee Comic Column over on Joup.

Friday, November 28, 2014

The Babadook

This is playing at Cinefamily this weekend. Gonna try to make it, but my folks are in and I'm thinking this is not something they are going to want to see. Me on the other hand... bring on the Babadook! Looks wicked.

The Neighbourhood - #icanteven

New music from The Neighbourhood! Now where's that second album guys???

Oh yeah, Speaking of FNM...

Right before I left work in West LA today I checked twitter. I'd seen this cryptic Gimp message the other day on FNM's feed and wondered. Well, I almost ran from work and drove straight up to Amoeba Music because they announced a 5-song in store performance today at 6:00 PM. Then I happened to read a little further and realized it was the SF Amoeba location, a mere 8-hour drive north for me and one that I would NEVER hope to make. So if you're a FNM fan and you're in SF, you might wanna head on down. And if you go, Please Please Please hit me back with a comment and let me know what 5 songs they played.

Only about six months until the album...

Faith No More - Motherfucker

I'm admittedly waaaay late on this - I listened to it about a week ago. I've heard a lot of naysayers but honestly, A) I'm not about to judge one of my all-time favorite band's come back on one song and B) I happen to really like the track. It doesn't sound like any other FNM to me and despite how others feel about it, I really dig RB doing the vox on the verses. Ever since seeing them at the Palladium back in 2010, when Roddy's presence on backing vocals and inter-song dialogue was a lot more present than previous I've been interested in hearing more from him. Not that I want to take any vocal duties away from Patton, because he is the man of course, but you know, I think there's room to expand the dynamic even further. I want a FNM album unlike anything I've heard before and this my fellow FNM-friends, is a good start in my book!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sunday, November 16, 2014


While reading the 1983 Storm and Illyana: Magik series this morning I came across a ton of great, nostalgia-inducing ads, as one always does when reading comics from the 80s. This particular one really grabbed my imagination. I don't remember it, don't remember anyone that ever had a Zorcom spaceship, wanted one of even talked about it. But still, this was a thing! To the point that if you look at the copyright at the bottom of the page there (which will most likely be impossible to see even if you can stretch this image) its copyrighted to Zorcom Industries.

There was a place, maybe in an office building, renting a suite, named Zorcom Enterprises, Inc.! Only in the 80s!*

Anyway, there's also an ad for sending away to receive the Zorcom Adventure tapes. After a little snooping around online I found that someone indeed had uploaded this to soundcloud. Truly EVERYTHING is online somewhere, thus furthering my theory that the internet is now actually the physical manifestation of the human collective unconscious.

Enjoy the Zorcom audio series! And if you finish part one and have to know how it all turns out, go to capeofdracula's page on soundcloud, give 'em a follow and dig in for more laser-studded adventures!


*Okay, probably not - most likely this was run out of someone's garage, but still!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

TV On the Radio - Happy Idiot

Wow. Can't wait for the new TVOTR rekkid!

Starry Eyes Trailer

I'd seen the name of this film recently somewhere but it was completely in passing. Then, a few moments ago my wife asked me to check and see if PLaNETS had announced any upcoming shows (she really wants me to see them) and when I went to their FB page I saw a blurb about Starry Eyes and how part of it was apparently filmed in the PLaNETS band house. As soon as I saw the trailer I was in. CREEE-PEEEY!!!

Worm is Green

I discovered this band five or so years ago and then they promptly fell off my radar before I ever had a chance to hear more than just the two songs I found online at the time. I'm remedying that now.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Red Fang - Crows in Swine

I know nothing about Red Fang other than my friend Josh digs them so they must be great. This video completely backs up that assertion.

PLaNETS - Scared Coyote

The day after I left for Chicago my wife went to Silver Lake's The Satellite (formerly Spaceland, where we saw one of the best shows ever in A Place to Bury Strangers) to see a band from LA that we love named Battle Tapes. As she tells it, she arrived before the first band went on, took a table on the floor and ordered a GlenLivet on the rocks and proceeded to be blown away by each band (Chastity Belt Megafauna also played). PLaNETS however, stole the show, and again, based on how much I love the album and what she's told me about the performance, I can't wait to see this group live.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Psychic Teens Score Dementia AKA The Daughter of Horror

I don't really know much about Psychic Teens, but a friend pointed this out to me the other day and Although I've thus far only seen a small part of it, it looks and sounds amazing.

The Afghan Whigs - Lost in the Woods

I'm sure everyone that would click on this has already seen it; I'm behind. Very behind. I spent two and a half weeks running around the Midwest, played a show in Dayton with a total douche and then returned to LALAland just in time to hit eleven days straight at work AND manage my wife's business during my home hours. Simply put, there's but little to no time to consume any content other than what I could fit on an iPod or in a CD wallet. That said, I found some marvelous stuff that I will get to throwing down here shortly. First though, there's a handful of things that filtered in during the trip via various outlets and I wanted to add them here, not for any real informative reasons since, again, this is essentially old news at this point, but because I actually keep this blog more for myself than anyone else - so yes, I'm essentially at least 51% writing to myself at this moment.

"Can I play with madness...?"