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Thursday, August 25, 2022

New Dead Cross!!!


More new Dead Cross! I'm digging what I'm hearing from this second album more than I did the first, can't wait to hear the entire thing, which is out October 14th on Ipecac Recordings. Pre-order a copy HERE


This dropped yesterday:


As far as Teaser Trailers go, I think this is perfect. Of course, there's the part of me that wants to see more, but really, I'd rather wait and get it all at once in my first viewing. Hey, it's gotta be better than most of the Dimension sequels, right? Let's hope this 20th Century Fox/HULU pairing the Mouse has going will turn out another unexpectedly fantastic sequel, like Prey.


"Having made the world lousy, imagine ye are of significance to Heaven?"
                                                         - Austin Osman Spare, Anathema of Zos: The Sermon of the Hypocrite


Soundgarden - Super Unknown
Various - Every Day (Is Halloween) Playlist: Small Cat, Big Yard
Suburban Living - Always Eyes EP
Suburban Living - Cooper's Dream EP
True Widow - As High As the Highest...
Nirvana - With the Lights Out
Nirvana - Lithium single
Suburban Lawns - Eponymous
Ministry - Moral Hygiene
Ministry - Everyday (Is Halloween) The Lost Mixes
Blut Aus Nord - Hallucinogen
Small Black - Cheap Dreams


I returned to the Raven Deck this morning, and The Hermit sprung out at me:

Second time this week, so I pulled a clarifying card from my Thoth:

So I have some work to do, and isolation will definitely be a part of it. 

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Sampa the Great

Sampa the Great is new to me (see below), but I am digging on this entire record.


A couple weeks ago my Drinking with Comics cohost Mike Wellman sent me this interview with Mike Patton. Fantastic discussion, but of special interest here is his mention of Sampa the Great, who I'd never heard of before and whose 2019, award-winning record The Return is currently blowing my mind. Here's my favorite track (so far) on an album where there are a lot of tracks and all of them are good.

What I love best here is the fact that, if you go to the All-Music entry on The Return and check the credits, almost all of the instrumentation is real, very little in the way of samples. Plus, all of it hits that 70s Soul/ R&B sweet spot I love so much. You know, back before people considered crap like beyonce R&B.


Death Valley Girls - Under the Spell of Joy
Perturbator - Excess (Single)
Perturbator/Author & Punisher - Excess n (Single Remix)
Vreid - Wild North West
Sampa the Great - The Return
Deftones - Ohms
Ice-T - Power



The Queen of Disks always feels like a bit of an indictment to me. Kind of the spiritual or theoretical equivalent of Dante's change experiment in Clerks (yeah, I know that's an odd reference to tie into Tarot). While your better self (or Star self as I always imagine Crowley called it and didn't) is looking the other way, are you participating in something you shouldn't? The goat up front staring at us, essentially breaking the fourth wall, is a reminder you should always be aware, because others are whether you realize it or not.

There's a reminder of culpability here that I like, and whenever I see it, I try and run a mental checklist to see if all my ducks are indeed in a row. Interestingly, I feel like there's an element of that in The Return, as the record is peppered with dialogue snippets - mostly third party phone messages by Sampa's friends - that seem bent on making her understand something the world around her expects of her, but that she herself has left behind. And that's part of culpability, too, making sure that just because the world expects something of you, if it doesn't align with who you actually are inside, you're not falling in line. Keep your ducks in a row, not theirs.

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Block Island Tomahawks


The new Tomahawk is out and it's super fun! Favorite track so far? Probably still Business Casual, but from the stuff I've only been living with for twenty-four hours, I'll point to the almost prog-rock guitar of Tattoo Zero. Meanwhile, Predators and Scavengers has an old school Jesus Lizard feel at times, and they released a video. 


Block Island Sound - which is currently streaming on Netflix - already feels like a frontrunner for movie of the year. Of course it's my way to make bold statements like that in March and April, so we'll see.


Too soon to tell or not, I fully expect the McManus Brothers' latest foray into Horror to be in my top ten at the very least. It's such an ominous film, dread dripping into all the little corners of one family's life.


Drab Majesty - Modern Mirror
Flogging Molly - Float
Cocteau Twins - Garlands
Kate Bush - The Dreaming
Deftones - Covers
The Replacements - Tim
Michael Kiwanuka - KIWANUKA
Thievery Corporation - The Mirror Conspiracy
Deftones - No Koi Yokan
Belong - October Language
The Black Queen - Infinite Games
Ulver - Teachings in Silence
Tomahawk - Tonic Immobility
Dance with the Dead - B-Sides: Vol. 1 


Saturday, February 27, 2021

Tomahawk - Dog Eat Dog


New Tomahawk track gets a music video! Can't wait for this record.


Last night, K and I watched the original Black Narcissus film from 1947. Directed by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, I'd never heard of this one before seeing the trailer for last year's remake.


The original is beautiful. Shot in Technicolor, the film earned cinematographer Jack Cardiff an Academy Award that was well warranted. Also on display are the extensive matte paintings. It's a gorgeous film, although acting-wise, it's a bit over-the-top drama for my tastes. Also, I am going to assume the plot will far much better in the newer version (if it doesn't get carried away).

We finished the film and went directly into the first episode of the three-episode FX mini-series remake. Also visually stunning, where the matte paintings are replaced by aerial drone shots of no small ambition. 

I think together, these will make perfect counter-points to one another.


Tomahawk - Tonic Immobility (pre-release singles)
Tomahawk - Mit Gas
Queensr├┐che - Jet City Woman (single)
Blanck Mass - Animated Violence Mild
Odonis Odonis - Post Plague
PJ Harvey - Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea
Nothing - The Great Dismal
Realize - Machine Violence


Always a favorite card. That Boaz and Jacin behind her, the pillars from King Solomon's temple. I did a lot of research on these about 17 years ago (!?), but most of it's a fog now. Interesting though, this might run parallel to some of the content in Shadow Play, so I'll take this as a nod to dig up my notes.

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

November 3rd as Portal to the Future

Poignant words from an album I fell in love with in High School. This day will change things going forward. Unfortunately - and I hope to hell I'm wrong here - I'm preparing for either outcome at the polls today to bring domestic terrorism on a scale we've not seen before. Obviously, the preferred outcome is achieved and we step into a new chapter, but I believe the "Stand back, stand by" was meant to put orange's cronies on watch for this very day. Expect militarized action if he is tossed out on his ass, as he should be. Of course, if the opposite happens, well, I guess we'll really know what kind of cuntry (and other cunt like tendencies) we live in, and how many bigots, xenophobes, and downright misguided people surround us. In that case, well, it's going to be a very long four years.


This is more of a listen than a watch, but here's a great episode of Henry Rollin's KCRW radio show where Mike Patton is his guest. They get into some great stuff in this one: 


In the actual category of 'Watch' however, my first non-US region Blu Ray arrived yesterday. If you listen to The Horror Vision, you'll know my cohost and good friend King Butcher swears by his region-free player, and I finally decided to listen to him. I jumped the gun and ordered several things from Arrow's Shocktober sale - the Hellraiser Trilogy Blu Ray Boxset and Bride of Renanimator - and then doubled down and picked up a copy of the Swedish release of Fede Alvarez's 2013 Evil Dead on ebay. I'd been planning to hunker down and pick up a region-free modified player this week, but LUCKILY, I did some reading first and found out that, joy of joys, the two Sony Blu Ray players I've had for the last several years already are region-free!!! Evil Dead arrived last night, I pulled it from the mailbox this morning upon seeing the notification, and popped it in. Happy to report - it works! 

I LOVE Alvarez's Evil Dead - I count it as my second favorite among all the films - adamantly battle the idea that it's a remake (Tappert, Raimi and Campbell have all said all along it's not), and am psyched to finally own the extended cut.

I'm thinking I may leave work a little early to try and avoid any madness, come home and watch this one while encased in a 'womb of refer.'


Opeth - Deliverance 
Opeth - My Arms, Your Hearse 
Meg Myers - Sorry 
Foster the People - Torches 
Earth - Full Upon Her Burning Lips 
Apple Music Blackgaze Pioneers Playlist 
Amesoeurs - Eponymous 
Yob - Cleraing the Path to Ascend 


I really read around on the Pull this morning, because here's the first card I drew:

From (source) "In a more personal view the Emperor might stand for a time of stability and structure, linear thinking and discipline. Yet we can't live without it, too many of those attributes will only lead to rational despotism and mental poverty."

Wow. On the nose for current situation. However, nothing to indicate which way things might go. (NOTE: I did not set out to direct my morning Pull at the election, that just happened.)

Next, in a classic Past - Present - Future Draw, I pulled:

For Past: Baggage - the Lust of Earthly result leads to a great weight that makes it impossible to get out from under. Yeah, the last four years I've increasingly felt that weight. Finally, for Future:

Hmm. From the Grimoire: "The Airy aspect of Earth. Pragmatism. Can be a bit of a cunt for matters pertaining to money and stability."

The Prince of Disks can be stubborn and ignorant when ill-dignified, which is something I only take into account when I'm having trouble deciphering how the cards in a Pull relate to one another, never in a one-card Draw. The Airy aspect of Earth, so strength in practical matters. This also implies a certain degree of trust-worthiness and inventiveness. Often, a good listener.

Definitely not our current problem's cup of tea, being a good listener.

Is this Biden? It fits some of what I know about him, but the 'stubborn and ignorant' are almost our current problem's calling cards, especially the 'ignorant' aspect. The card was not ill-dignified, so I have to hope that's not the case and we have a change in Guard (I was really hoping to draw XVI The Tower as the future card, but no so luck). 

All this does is remind me that the cards are merely reflections of our inner psychology and how it rubs up against the collective unconscious and, perhaps, more 'cosmic' elements we don't really have a chance in hell of understanding in any literal sense, because they are not literal in nature. So what's the outcome? We'll have to see. Go Vote people. 

Friday, September 7, 2018

2018: September 7th

A collaboration between Alain Johannes Trio and Mike Patton? Nice. Happy weekend peoples! My good friend John is in town and we are going to have some fun! First up - Night of the Creeps on the big screen in my friend Ray's front yard tonight. No, you didn't read that wrong. Ray has a very large inflatable screen and a killer sound system and he puts them up in his front lawn and plays movies until like 4AM. It's amazing. And it's ending soon, because Ray and his family rent and the landlord wants the place back, after like 15 years. These are the harsh truths of the modern world. They have a Go Fund Me and I wanted to post something about it (I just found out about it - I think they got talked into doing it but have trouble asking for help. Just like I would). Link to it HERE.

I watched a flick on Shudder last night called Observance. Very good. Totally a Weird Fiction novella done as a film; I could see the Laird Barron influence in it, which is definitely a good thing. Highly recommended.

Playlist from 9/06:

David Bowie - Reality
White Lung - Eponymous
Minsk -
Windhand -
Secret Chiefs 3 Traditionalists - Le Mani Destre Recise degli ultimi Uomini
Ennio Morricone - Black Belly of the Tarantula OST

No card today.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Dead Cross - Seizure and Desist

Well, about time I posted something that didn't revolve around Twin Peaks, eh? This landed sometime within the last week. So did news Dead Cross is touring. I'm so in.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Dead Cross - Now with Mike Patton

Now please.

No? Okay, I will pre-order here. If you're a Patton fan, or a Lombardo fan, or a good music fan, you should too.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Boards of Canada Remix Mike Patton's New Group Nevermen? Yes Please!

I'm so confident this is amazing I'm willing to waste the jury's time rating the superhunks instead of actually listening to it before I post it here.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Faith No More - Sunny Side Up


Just made it around to watching this. Made me smile.

I'm very behind on media, but now that I've had something of a sabbatical (and a pretty gnarly Halloween weekend) I have the headspace to catch up on some of the stuff I've missed.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Faith No More/Mr. Bungle Comic Book!

Mike Wellman, my good friend and co-host on Drinking with Comics, along with artist extraordinaire Matt Jacobs have a Faith No More/Mr. Bungle comic coming out in June. It's the history of the bands written from a "fan's eye view" and from what I've seen so far, this is a must for any Patton fan!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

NEW Faith No More - Superhero

May 19th cannot come fast enough!

I'm posting this track here for others, but full disclosure I am not listening to it. That won't be an easy pledge to keep, however I'm really looking forward to hearing all the new songs on the album in the context of the album. While I broke down and listened to Motherfucker - my wife bought me the 7" for Christmas - that's as far as I'm willing to go for now.

via Bloody Disgusting.

Faith No More!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Faith No More - Motherfucker

I'm admittedly waaaay late on this - I listened to it about a week ago. I've heard a lot of naysayers but honestly, A) I'm not about to judge one of my all-time favorite band's come back on one song and B) I happen to really like the track. It doesn't sound like any other FNM to me and despite how others feel about it, I really dig RB doing the vox on the verses. Ever since seeing them at the Palladium back in 2010, when Roddy's presence on backing vocals and inter-song dialogue was a lot more present than previous I've been interested in hearing more from him. Not that I want to take any vocal duties away from Patton, because he is the man of course, but you know, I think there's room to expand the dynamic even further. I want a FNM album unlike anything I've heard before and this my fellow FNM-friends, is a good start in my book!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Deltron 3030 Ft. Mike Patton

You had me at Mike Patton, however despite my pervading prejudice against a lot of hip hop I dig this quite a bit and the video is fantastic. Very urban ex., steampunk, dystopian visuals and great low budget costume design.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dillinger Escape Plan w/ Mike Patton 2002 - Covering Justin Timberlake's "Like I Love You"

Continuing Dillinger Escape Plan week in honor of their new record having been released today (I HAVEN'T GOT MINE YET!!!).

The audio's not great on this - from where it was recorded the guitar is too loud and a horribly muffled mid-range blah, and the camera angle leaves a lot to be desired, but still, awesome to see them doing my favorite Justin Timberlake song w/ Patton.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tomahawk - Oddfellows (Video)

You know, I could have swore I posted this last month when I first saw it, but apparently not. Special thanks to the always encouraging Mr. Brown who sent me a link and reminded me about it.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mike Patton Scores "The Place Beyond the Pines"

I'd almost forgotten about Patton's involvement in this. I'm curious about the flick, but MORE curious about the soundtrack, which was composed by none other than Mike Patton and is scheduled to be released on May 7th. I'm a big fan of Patton's other soundtrack work, most especially for the short film A Perfect Place staring Bill Moseley and Mark Boone Junior, which I believe is still available from Ipecac records as a DVD/CD set. Here's the trailer: