Thursday, August 25, 2022

New Dead Cross!!!


More new Dead Cross! I'm digging what I'm hearing from this second album more than I did the first, can't wait to hear the entire thing, which is out October 14th on Ipecac Recordings. Pre-order a copy HERE


This dropped yesterday:


As far as Teaser Trailers go, I think this is perfect. Of course, there's the part of me that wants to see more, but really, I'd rather wait and get it all at once in my first viewing. Hey, it's gotta be better than most of the Dimension sequels, right? Let's hope this 20th Century Fox/HULU pairing the Mouse has going will turn out another unexpectedly fantastic sequel, like Prey.


"Having made the world lousy, imagine ye are of significance to Heaven?"
                                                         - Austin Osman Spare, Anathema of Zos: The Sermon of the Hypocrite


Soundgarden - Super Unknown
Various - Every Day (Is Halloween) Playlist: Small Cat, Big Yard
Suburban Living - Always Eyes EP
Suburban Living - Cooper's Dream EP
True Widow - As High As the Highest...
Nirvana - With the Lights Out
Nirvana - Lithium single
Suburban Lawns - Eponymous
Ministry - Moral Hygiene
Ministry - Everyday (Is Halloween) The Lost Mixes
Blut Aus Nord - Hallucinogen
Small Black - Cheap Dreams


I returned to the Raven Deck this morning, and The Hermit sprung out at me:

Second time this week, so I pulled a clarifying card from my Thoth:

So I have some work to do, and isolation will definitely be a part of it. 

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