Wednesday, August 24, 2022

No Devotion For Mr. Gibson


A little old-school Chicago Industrial to kick things off today.


This is my favorite thing I think I've ever encountered on the internet. No BS. A HUGE thank You to Seth:

I literally just want to watch this over and over and have Bobby Fingers tell me everything is going to be okay. Seeing this, and sending it over to my former bandmate Joe.Baxter, I can't help but feel like when we finally try and finish recording all that unfinished Christian Fisting material, we should dust off the old "Mel Gibson's a Cunt" song we had, written in the wake of that 2006 arrest that is being modeled here. 


It's Wednesday, and that means new comics are on the shelves! Here's what I'm picking up at Rick's Comic City!

Street-level Spidey on a Goblin hovercraft? interesting. Love this cover. 

The penultimate issue of Deadly Class!

I definitely liked the twist Marvel's Judgment Day took at the end of the second issue. Hoping this continues to expand that, instead of focusing on what we already know has happened. I get that in the onset of this series beginning, we only really got a 'thin slice' of the siege on Krakoa and holocaust on Arrako, but showing us all the nooks and crannies of those battles is getting a touch old. Issue 2 moved things forward, but then Death to the Mutants moved it back again. 

This book is fantastic but truly independent, so there have been a lot of scheduling delays. I'm hoping it actually lands today.

LOVING this new Shaolin Cowboy series. Geof Darrow is an amazing artist, and he's really cooked up an "Anything Goes" world with this one. I pulled out my copies of the previous series and realized the titular character died at the end of it. This means Darrow has been - as he should be - doing whatever the hell he wants time-wise with this odd, post-apocalyptic mash-up series. I need to pick up the collected first series of this and read them all straight through. Not that you have to, because, like I said, I love that Darrow appears t be jumping around.

I'm not 100% sold on this big, TMNT 'Event,' but I'll hang for a while. 


Various - Every Day (Is Halloween) Playlist: Small Cat, Big Yard
Various - Every Day (Is Halloween) Playlist: You, The Knight, and the Music
Leaving Time - Eponymous EP
Revolting Cocks - Big Sexy Land
Pailhead - Trait
Melvins - Stoner Witch
Slipknot - We Are Not Your Kind
David Bowie - Station to Station


Pulling out the Raven Deck for today's reading:

Some isolation will do me good today. Hopefully finishing something I've been working on. 

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