Monday, June 10, 2013

Video: Sepultura in the Studio

Found these on blabbermouth. Interesting thing, other than hearing Ross Robinson talk is in the first clip you'll see the camera walk over and look out onto the strand in Venice. I was just there! Think I even know exactly where that is (not that I'm gonna go back and try and see, but it's still pretty cool).

I'm not a huge fan of Venice Beach, mainly because it's overpopulated with tourists and... how can I say this delicately? Scum? The outdoor weightlifting station says says it all.

I'm by no means a rabid Sepultura fan - I haven't really followed since Chaos A.D. (though Roots is quite good as well, esp. the track with Patton). I lucked into a promo copy of 2009's A-Lex and it's pretty cool, but overall their just kind of the band I keep a nostalgic eye on in the updates and break out the old stuff when I'm in the mood (Chaos A.D. really is one of the best metal albums of the 90's).

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