Saturday, June 15, 2013

Break Bad Right Now

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Although I am a massive Twin Peaks fan (you may have noticed) and it is still probably my favorite show of all time there is one show that on any given day, depending on how much thought I'm giving either one, may give it a run for the money. Without a doubt Breaking Bad is the best television writing I've ever encountered. I mean, it's just amazing, end of story. Not that Peaks isn't, but all of us who Love it recognize that there are some problems in there, largely due to Lynch leaving for a time to make Wild at Heart (not blaming, just saying).

Whatever the case I recently began re-watching Breaking Bad from the beginning. I've seen season one twice, but that's the only part of the series I've had the luxury of a repeated viewing on. With the final episodes coming up in August and my good friend Ray having never seen the show, this seemed the perfect time for a viewing as a 'run-up' to THE END.

I will cry when it's over, but I'm always glad when things aren't milked (a-hem... sopranos... a-hem*).


*Which I love but was obviously milked.

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