Wednesday, June 19, 2013

RIP James Gandolfini

This quite literally brings me to tears. As Tony Soprano I often stated - completely without hyperbole - that I could be entertained simply watching the man eat a sandwich for an hour. But let us not forget some other memorable roles. The Fight (capital F quite intentional) with Patricia Arquette in True Romance, Big Dave in the Cohen Brothers' The Man Who Wasn't There or the one I still haven't seen but experienced a total 'What the FUCK' moment with the trailer when I realized it was him beneath the make-up on Spike Jonze' adaptation of Where The Wild Things Are.

Mr. Gandolfini assuredly has a spot reserved for him in actors' heaven, and in the meantime I will eat a hoagie and ask the next person who curses at me the age old question in his honor, "You blow your father with that mouth?"

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