Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Yellow House - U R Ur Car Official Video

Okay, this is circa 2001 I think. The track was the 'single' from our first and only album "Refurbished"(there were two subsequent E.P.'s).You'll notice that it looks as though we are violating my 'don't show the band playing the song in the video because they're not really playing' policy, HOWEVER, that is not the case. Erik Hansen shot and cut this and he did a freakin' amazing job - we rented this roller rink, rented a collapsable stage, erected it in the middle of the rink, put an ad in the local newspaper that said something to the effect of, "Music Video Shoot - come and skate and be in our video" so that although many of the people you see are our fans/friends, some are people who just showed up for the novelty of the experience or because they would have been there anyway to skate. My point is, we shot the video but played some degree of a show as well, so when you see us playing, we're really playing. Any visual that matches what's going on in the music is simply Mr. Hansen's skill. A lot of this is pretty goofy, and I'd def do some stuff different looking back, but it is what it is and I hadn't seen this in ten years or so until just a week ago, so I'm trippin' off it for sure right now.

I'd also like to point out that the band was named after the yellow house where Van Gogh and Gauguin lived and worked for a time. We wanted something that represented the line between genius and insanity.

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