Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Trapezoid on Amduscias Comp...

I wanted to drop a line here talking about the Amduscias Winter 2007 Compilation my current music project, The Trapezoid is appearing on. Now, obviously I want You all to hear my track, but seriously, its 3 discs long and fell of great music. The artists are going to be unfamiliar to many of You, but that's even moree reason to go and download it here:

and help support independent music. It's all what many of my friends whould call 'weird' music; bizarre and often challenging tinctures fermented with Ambience, Noise, Avant Garde, Electronic, Dark Wave, No Wave, whatever fucking wave You want to call it. The point is it is original, imaginative and absolutely WONDERFUL!!!

My recommendation is download it, throw on Your best set of headphones, smoke out or pour yourself a drink, turn off the lights and immerse yourself in the sounds of the limitless dimensions of imagination.

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