Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Cure - carnage visors

This is The Cure that I reeeaaallly love: Cold, dark and eerie. I'm glad they finally lightened up, but damn is this an exercise in PERFECT TONE.

Carnage Visors was hard to come by for most of the 90's. I remember seeing it on the B-side of the Faith cassette at Wind Records in Oak Lawn, IL. I didn't buy it, it disappeared and then when I went to buy Faith on disc it didn't have Carnage Visors. I eventually found it on an Import of B-sides and rarities, but I've still never bought Faith, probably just from the force of habit of waiting to come across a version with CV on it. About time I do that though - I'm largely unfamiliar even with it as an album but I remember at the very least The Drowning Man and The Funeral Party are great.

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