Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Alice Glass - Stillbirth

I was late finding out Alice Glass left Crystal Castles. I had mixed feelings about it. Crystal Castles II is, in my opinion, one of the best records of the first decade of this century. The follow-up still has not opened to me and I am unsure if it is me or if it's just not really that good (even though I always assume it's me in situations like this where an artist has previously proven themselves, after three years I'm leaning toward the latter). Ethan Kath, the other half of CC released a new track as well and it was that track that I heard first. It kinda just sounds like he found a new girl - Edith - to sing like Alice. I might be wrong here, but that was my first impression and I've not been back since for reappraisal. Alice Glass's Stillbirth however is new ground for her, and I'm digging it and the message she released with it (read it on PiFk here) so although I'm waiting for more from both sides, at this point I'm more interested in Ms. Glasses direction.

And just for old times sake, one of my favorite CC songs from II. Well, on that record they're all my favorite, so this is just the one that fits my mood more at the moment. This song sounds like being drugged out and wandering the hazy, recessed lighting corridors of a hotel at 2 A.M. That's not what I'm doing, but it's my mood.

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