Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Chicago Rot

My friend Lee is in this movie. I haven't seen it yet, just heard about it tonight. Watched the trailer. It freaked me out.

That's a gooood thing.

From the youtube description, which reads like goddamn poetry:

"After years of rotting in Joliet, Les, a wrongfully imprisoned street legend known as "The Ghoul", is released into a mad search through Chicago's back alleys for the man who slaughtered his mother and robbed him of his soul. Aided by enigmatic benefactors, he must delve beneath the city into a modern labyrinth of gutters whose tendrils have grown deep while he was gone.

What unfolds is a desperate tale of brute force tragedy set in the supernatural underworld of Chicago, where heroes are reduced to horror-shows, villains dream of their own demise, and good and evil prove to be antiquated concepts."

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