Saturday, March 24, 2018

2018: March 24th, 12:16 PM

Well, yesterday's blog came and went - it's down right now but I'll re-post it with the correct time-stamp in a bit. Had a weird problem with HTML I had to figure out, which basically meant re-writing the entire thing. And as usual, what do we re-learn from re-writing? Everything always benefits from a re-write.

Lots of stuff to do to get the new place in order but it's my birthday and I'm going to try to enjoy it. Going to see Annihilation in a few hours, going to walk to the Comic Bug (yeah, we can do that now!), and then probably and evening of chill. I'm fighting the urge to throw a lot of stuff I own away, and I'm also trying to figure out how to arrange the entertainment center in the house; may have to purchase separate speakers for the U-Turn record player. Not loving that idea, as the last thing I want right now is more things, but if I can't get some room-volume music that's not coming out of a portable bluetooth speaker soon, I may loose my mind.

First world problems, eh?

Nothing in my head upon waking but the lingering strains of last night's beer, so here's what I'm listening to as I write this:

Playlist from yesterday was virtually non-existent. Actually, it may have been completely non-existent. Wow, a day with no music. That's f*&ked up.

UPDATED: I was incorrect on the 'no music' from the 23rd - we woke up to the last morning in the old pad with The Cure, Collector's Curiosities, Vol.#1, particularly for Carnage Visors.

Card for the day:

The journey continues...

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