Tuesday, October 30, 2018

2018: October 30th

From the album Post Everything (great title) and featured in the movie Pyewacket, which I watched last night and absolutely loved. In a way I saw Pyewacket as an updated version of George A. Romero's Season of the Witch, kind of a cautionary tale about messing around with Black Magick. I loved everything about this film, from the camera work, which was diverse and pragmatic in its approach, i.e. if the filmmakers needed to create tension or up the tempo for the viewer, they did so with hand-camera work - never gratuitous - or odd angles. They used the score well, partially by playing with volume to accent moments of tension release or revelation, and they kept their locations tight but aesthetically aligned with what they were trying to do, as in the use of Autumnal colors and rustic buildings. Also, director Adam McDonald certainly knows how to play on the strained relationships of Mothers and their adolescent daughters. Nicole Munoz and Laurie Holden (who some of you will remember from The Walking Dead as Andrea) kill it in their roles, Munoz especially.

I also finished watching Beetlejuice last night. Man, I miss liking Tim Burton's stuff. Unlike his later stuff, Beetlejuice is pure imagination unconfined by the caricature the auteur has made for himself, which really just acts as a prison.

Thanks to my good friend Jonathan Grimm Art for the recommendation!

31 Days of Horror

10/01) Summer of 84
10/02) Rope
10/03) Dreams in the Witch House
10/04) Crash
10/05) The Fly
10/06) Re-animator
10/07) Night of the Demons
10/08) Species
10/09) The Roost
10/10) The Convent
10/11) Killer Klowns from Outer Space
10/12) George A. Romero's Day of the Dead
10/13) George A. Romero's Land of the Dead
10/14) The Apostle
10/15) Phantom of the Paradise
10/16) Candyman
10/17) Ghoulies
10/18) John Carpenter's Halloween
10/19) Halloween
10/20) Mandy
10/21) Satan's Playground
10/22) Flatliners
10/23) Jacob's Ladder
10/24) Halloween III: Season of the Witch
10/25) Ghost Stories
10/26) John Carpenter's The Fog
10/27) Suspiria (2018)
10/28) Suspiria (1977)
10/29) Beetlejuice/Pyewacket

Playlist from 10/29:

Trust Obey - Fear and Bullets
Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats - Wasteland
John Carpenter and Alan Howarth - Halloween III: Season of the Witch
Miranda Sex Garden - Suspiria
Exhalants - Eponymous
Trust Obey - Hands of Ash
Trust Obey - The Tides of Sin - EP

No card today. I keep forgetting my decks at home in the morning.

Well, that's almost it, as tomorrow is Halloween! Rejoice, oh you children of the night! The walls grow thin.

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