Monday, January 21, 2019

2019: January 21st

A little Gordon Lightfoot to start out the day.

And then this! This is so close! I only just found out about this forthcoming documentary on the band Brainiac last month, but it feels like I've now been waiting for it forever.

Playlist from 1/19:

Plague Bringer - As the Ghosts Collect, the Corpses Rest
Plague Bringer - Life Songs in a Land of Death
Thou - Summit

Playlist from 1/20:

Calexico - Even My Sure Things Fall Through
Gordon Lightfoot - Gord's Gold

Card of the day:

The Airy aspect of Air, so the intellect of intellect, in a manner of speaking. Not sure how to apply this. The book is finished, and I've already read the first act to K. It feels GOOD. Little rough spots here and there, but nothing that can't be shored up as we go through it. I'll have to figure out if this card pertains to that, or the new project I've begun to brainstorm.

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