Wednesday, January 1, 2020

2019... 2020

Not entirely sure what my impetus was for feeling this song with such gravity on this, the final morning of 2019, but the way the album version is resonating with me at the moment, it felt somehow appropriate. I'm in a very slowed down temp right now, which is unique for me.

One of the reasons I keep this blog, and the reason I started doing the daily playlist log, is to be able to look back from future space and see if I have patterns on a seasonal/yearly/monthly/whatever basis. Because I'm so down-tempo at the moment, I expected to look back at last year and see a lot of slower stuff in those playlist logs, but that's not the case. Perhaps on a larger timeline, some of this will make sense.

One thing I appreciate about being 'turned down' is once I'm vibrating at a slower level, I'm able to ingest slower things in more profound ways. When I'm dialed into speed metal, if I put on Godspeed You! Black Emperor or the Gorecki/Gibbons record, it would disappear in my wake. At the level I'm at right now, I can see more micro-detail, and that's led to some pretty great listens of new and old music alike. I've fallen off over the last month or two in keeping a daily log, primarily because I've really been hunkering down on the outlines for books two and three of ShadowPlay; I've revamped a lot of two based on a new take I've had on three's main arc, and it's taken a lot of work. You'll see a lot of what I've been listening to in a minute, but this slower tempo has both hurt and helped my work of late. I go deeper when I work, but I also feel more tired more often, so there have been more than a few days of my coming home from work exhausted and just crashing. This is the calm before the storm. Or at least I hope that's what it is. Just as man cannot live by Metal alone, Man can also not vibrate too slowly for too long; if you know anything about hummingbirds, when they sleep they can turn down to the point that they slip into what's called torpor, which is a sleep so deep they run the risk of never awakening. Eerie, but prescient, I think.


I have a tie for the best book I read this year.

 The second book in the Gravedigger Chronicles by Alan Campbell only trumps the first because of the escalation of the narrative and where it goes; both are fantastic beyond words. I was so impressed with these it's really hard to boil it down to a review, the narrative is immersive as hell, and it goes so many weird places. I mean, the imagination on this author is bar none. I really hope the third book, which Campbell says is done but which the publisher of the first two books Tor opted not to put out, eventually sees the light of day, because, you know, The Art of Hunting ends with the mother of all cliffhangers.

In preparation for the second in Laird Barron's Isaiah Coleridge series I re-read 2018's Blood Standard; both are fantastic, but Black Mountain begins to inch us closer to Barron's trademark Weird Fiction stylings, and from what the author has said on social media, the forthcoming third really gets us into a darker, stranger place, so I can't wait for that. Someone option this and make it into a True Detective-Level show NOW please!

Aaaannddd... one more...

.... because Gideon The Ninth was an extremely fun, pleasant surprise.


I did my favorite non-horror flicks here a few days ago, and I did my favorite Horror flicks on the latest episode of The Horror Vision. Here's a quick image from my Letterbxd:

Also, the best tv show I watched this year was easily DCU's Doom Patrol. And I watched quite a few fantastic shows. Doom Patrol took the cake, though. And the donkey.

I never thought I'd live to see the day when someone brought Grant Morrison's DP run - complete with Danny the Street - to the small screen. When I get down on the state of the world, I try to remember that.



The National - High Violet
Beth Gibbons/Henry Gorecki - Symphony No. 3
The National - Trouble Will Find Me
Lana Del Rey - Norman Fucking Rockwell
Neon Kross - Darkness Falls
Young Widows - Old Wounds
Huey Lewis and the News - Sports
Full of Hell/Merzbow - Full of Hell


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