Friday, March 19, 2021

The Human Impact of Jakob's Wife


A new Human Impact EP dropped last Friday and I totally missed it. Last year's eponymous album from these guys was kind of the soundtrack to the apocalypse, so this comes with mixed feelings. Either way, if shit goes pear-shaped again, at least it'll have another great OST.


April 16th can't get here fast enough. Why?

I'll see anything even remotely associated with Larry Fessenden regardless, but it's always great when he spends more time on screen. Here, he's leading man opposite Barbara Crampton? In what looks like a fantastic modern vampire movie, no less.  Count me in.


Pilotpriest - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Godflesh - Pure
Arab Strap - As Days Get Dark
Suburban Living - How to be Human
Pigface - Live 2019 (vinyl, 231 of 1000)
Huey Lewis and the News - Weather



I read this as "letting go," which is especially pertinent to my day job at the moment. Being made salary means I'm taking a pay cut if I continue to work the extra hours I am essentially taking a pay cut, so I have to learn to let certain things go. I have a good team that works for me, and what this ultimately means is I will have a lot more time to write. Win Win, as long as I can let go.

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