Friday, October 1, 2021

New Converge and Chelsea Wolfe, New Ghost

I've been away traveling so I haven't really been keeping up on ANYTHING I normally post about here. So, in the interest of playing a bit of catch-up, here are the two big tracks that dropped this week - that I know of. The Ghost track is good, but it continues to move them further from the sound they achieved on Infestissumam and Meliora. That said, I'm still super excited for whatever eventual album will be released to accompany the tour they recently announced. 

 Next and more excitingly, here's a track from a forthcoming collaboration album that sees Chelsea Wolfe working with Converge. I had no idea this was coming, but after listening, I can not wait for this album. Thanks to Heaven is an Incubator for posting this a couple of days ago, otherwise, I would have completely missed it.


Pre-Order Bloodmoon: I HERE, it drops on November 19th, which is really not all that far away.


I wasn't home to get the books in my pull, however, my second all-time favorite comic shop is the one I spent my 20s going to on the South Side of Chicago. Amazing Fantasy in Frankfort and my good friend Mike Shin set me up with a few things to read while I was in town.

Definitely the end of my interest in this title. The conclusion of Nick Spencer's run and the Kindred Saga was satisfying, but it also showcases the insanely convoluted continuity that weighs heavy on Spidey's main book. Perfect jumping-off point.

A surprise last-minute pick-up. Going forward, I might be trading Spidey for X-Men. The plotting in this new Inferno series - which, why couldn't they just come up with a new name, instead of rehashing the title of my all-time favorite X-Book storyline - is fantastic. I LOVE what Hickman's doing with Moria McTaggert, and what it means to the backstory of these characters. Very cool so far.

Almost missed this one. Look at that JHWIII cover! Hot damn!


Lots of Billy Joel and lots of Bob Segar, though I've sought none of either out. Both artists appear to be following me.

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