Tuesday, November 30, 2021



I've really been digging back into the Rebirth Brass Band's discography - thanks again, Mr. Brown for helping me segue from knowing them on HBO's Treme to listening to them apart from the show. Really great stuff. 


I can't wait for The Book of Boba Fett, now barely a month away:

This is the second trailer for the show, and as usual, I'm posting it here for posterity's sake, but not watching it. 


Always the best day of the week, here's my pull list for tomorrow's NCBD:

The beginning of the end, issue #49 begins the final arc of Deadly Class! I LOVE seeing adult Marcus and Saya on the cover here. I have a  feeling this is going to be some daaaark stuff, and I can't wait for Rick Remender to break my heart again - he does it so well!

I missed the first Maniac of New York series, but I intend on picking up the trade, so this new #1 is a perfect place for me to jump on again. If you haven't heard about this one, my A Most Horrible Library co-host Chris Saunders sold it to me back on a previous episode of our podcast, which you can find HERE.

The cover art for The Me You Love in the Dark's final issue makes me think this won't be a happy ending. 

I'll never end up with this variant cover, but it's AWESOME! Either way, always a good week when we get a new TMNT.

When Two Moons came back last month, I was not prepared for the landscape of where we are in this world that was first introduced earlier this year in the first arc. Seriously digging the way this story is being told. 


Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker - Diz N' Bird At Carnegie
Rebirth Brass Band - Rebirth of New Orleans
Kowloon Walled City - Piecework
Kowloon Walled City - Grievances
Bohren and Der Club of Gore - Patchouli Blue
The Plimsouls - Everywhere at Once
X - Los Angeles
Cindy Lauper - She's So Unusual 
Def Leppard - Pyromania
Rebirth Brass Band - Move Your Body
Herbie Hancock - Head Hunters
Various - Treme, Sn 1 OST
Amy Winehouse - Back to Black
FFS - Eponymous
Lustmord - Dark Matter
Chicano Batman - Invisible People
Odonis Odonis - Spectrums
Beliefs - Habitat
Caveman - Smash

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