Monday, December 5, 2022

...Johnny One Note Here

As I mentioned here a few days ago, I recently finished Barry Adamson's autobiography, Up Above the City, Down Below the Stars. It's a fantastic read; a sometimes heartbreaking deep-dive into the origins of the Manchester Post-Punk movement. Thrilling not only because Adamson is such an engaging narrator, delivering the story of his life in a quasi-Noir tone that totally fits Manchester in this era (think of the Joy Division biopic Control), but also because he names and describes so much music - a lot of which I have never heard before. The track above is a perfect example; I knew nothing of the Tubby Hayes Quintet until Adamson describes hearing the Live at Spot's album (renamed Down in the Village if you seek it out on streaming) for the first time on his father's new record player. He describes the way the opening horn attack blew his mind, and sure enough, I had the same experience. That is some smoking horn to open a set with! 


Before I left L.A., I actually had a chance to see a test screening of Cocaine Bear. I ended up not being able to make it, and now, after seeing the trailer, I wish I would have canceled whatever else I did and gone to this instead:

This. Looks. INSANE. I mean, in every great way a film can be insane, this looks as though it will check those boxes. 


Alan Haven - Image (single)
Kermit Ruffins - The Barbeque Swingers Live
Tubby Hayes Quintet - Down in the Village (Live at Ronny Scott's Club, London 1962)
Metallica - Lux Æturna
Metallica - Hardwired... To Self-Destruct
Metallica - ... And Justice For All
Blondie - Eponymous
Ruelle - Emerge
Drug Church - Tawny EP
Feuerbahn - The Fire Dance EP
Zola Jesus - Arkhon
Harry Nilsson - Without You (single)
T. Rex - The Slider
Roxy Music - Eponymous
Alice Cooper - Killer
Barry Adamson - Back to the Cat
Magazine - Real Life
Bret Easton Ellis Podcast S6E27
Low Cut Connie - Get Out the Lotion
Greg Puciato - Mirrorcell
The Knitters - Poor Little Creature on the Road
Magazine - Secondhand Daylight
Serge Gainsbourg - Historie de Melody Nelson
Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures
The Birthday Party - Hee-Haw
The Birthday Party - Pleasure Heads Must Burn (DVD)
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - The Boatman's Call
Barry Adamson - Moss Side Story


From Jonathan Grimm's Bound Tarot, which you can buy HERE.

Obscured influences come from a place of benevolence and should be accepted in order to further emotional security. Pretty broad scope, so I can't really pinpoint what this is addressing yet. But I'll keep my eyes open for obscured influences, of which there are no doubt many afoot in all of our lives. 

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