Wednesday, January 18, 2023

They Might Be Giants - Minimum Wage

It's been quite some time since I listened to 90s alternative stalwarts They Might Be Giants, but I cracked out a few discs over this past weekend and put them in the car (It's also been a while since I listened to a CD in the car). 


Here's what's on tap for NCBD this week:

Love that cover. This book is a mixed bag - I dig it, but I don't know that I feel enough momentum to continue after this arc. We'll see. 

I'm reading House of Slaughter monthly for the duration of this arc. In catching up a few weeks ago, I have to say the consistency isn't great. The first arc that concentrated on Aaron and Boucher, who returns this issue, was pretty good. The second one - I just didn't get it. 

Okay, Cates is gone. Let's see how this series continues on to its conclusion in April. 

The final issue before Immoral X-Men starts. Great cover- can't wait to see where this goes.

This one's on the chopping block. I love Shalvey's writing and art, and maybe it's just the book seems to be so sporadic that it doesn't actually feel like a series to me. 

The penultimate issue of Phantasmagoria. I've been keeping up with reading monthly, but I can't wait to read it all in one straight shot after next month's final issue.

Not gonna lie; I'm not feeling this series. That being said, being that DeMatteis penning a sequel to his original story, I'm in for the long haul, which is only another two issues anyway, so no biggie. 

The final issue of Strange, before Doctor Strange relaunches in a few months. I'll miss this book; what a fun ride McKay and Company have brought us on. And to think, I picked up the first issue entirely on a lark!

Still not reading the "Event" this ties into, and definitely not feeling that I need to. 

I'm waiting for Boss to take over the art again before I go back and re-read everything. Despite reading the entire series up to the hiatus in July, a lot disappeared during that break, and the fill-in artists - by no fault of their own - really made re-entry upon the book's return two months ago rough. I need to sit down and go through it all again. 

After all the love I gushed on Dark Web last week for ASM 17, I ended up fairly disappointed in that issue. Hoping this doesn't fizzle out now that we're in the climactic moments. That is what Events and Crossovers tend to do, though, so we'll see. 


They Might Be Giants - Flood
David Bowie - Black Star
David Lynch and John Neff - BLUEBOB
LABRY'S - Eponymous
Blvck Hippie - If You Feel Alone At Parties
Mastodon - Once More 'Round the Sun
A001 - Nyctophobia EP
Lustmord - Hobart
Thou - Rhea Sylvia
Various - Dirt Redux
Emma Ruth Rundle and Thou - May Our Chambers Be Full
Meathook Seed - Embedded


From Jonathan Grimm's Bound Tarot, which you can buy HERE.

These four cards flew out of the deck while I shuffled this morning, so I figured it would be important for the day's Pull to log them all. I'm not in a place at the moment where I can interpret this - I'm fried from a nearly 11-hour work day yesterday and looking down the barrel of a similar situation today.

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