Monday, January 4, 2016

Nathan Ballingrud's The Visible Filth... one of the best damn horror stories I've read in some time that doesn't have the name "Laird Barron" on it somewhere. Mr. Ballingrud is the real deal and what he does in 60 something pages is worth 500 of a lot of other horror writers. What's he do you ask?

Gives me the heebie goddamn jeebies, that's what! The Visible Filth plays with that special place horror doesn't always know how to get to, the modern world; it is a story that makes small incisions in our technological awareness of ourselves, and once inside lays eggs of paranoia and revulsion. To borrow the name of Mr. Ballingrud's publisher and use it as an exclamation, This is Horror.

Also, many thanks to Justin Steele for the indirect recommendation.

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