Friday, June 16, 2017

Drinking with Comics on... Preacher

The first in the new DwC "after hours" shorts.

We've had trouble drumming up views lately and of course this is, as so many people tell me, because the regular version of the show is too long. Okay, I get it; we always functioned better as an iTunes podcast anyway, as longer content often does. That said, I've always wanted to make Drinking with Comics more akin to a late night show, specifically Lettermen. But people don't really watch that kind of content on youtube, or at least not the audience we're most naturally speaking to. So what to do?

Well, Chris has an amazing home and as I think is proven by this video, his reading room makes a fantastic backdrop for soused discussion. So we thought, why not start shooting some shorter bits, putting them up and see what happens? So, here's the first one, wherein we discuss Preacher, both the comic and the AMC adaptation. You'll notice the sound and lights are quite there, but we felt the content was strong enough to go ahead and post. Next one of these should be considerably better in the production department, though I'm definitely not knocking Chris's skills in putting it together. I edit most everything else and it is both a pleasure and a relief to have someone so talented to back me up.

So raise a glass and let's talk about Preacher. If you agree, disagree, whatever, leave a comment on the video. And if you're into it, please subscribe to our channel - more goodness coming!

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