Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Trouble - Snake Eyes

Did you watch Twin Peaks: The Return episode #5 Sunday night? If you did you saw the creepy ass scene that introduced a scummy new lunatic the credits informed us was Richard Horne. This was the show-stopping wham-bang number that played through it with Trouble on the stage at the Roadhouse. Trouble - featuring long time David Lynch musical/audio collaborator Dean Hurley - has a bandcamp here where you can buy this and another track.

Here's a quote from the site that I believe perfectly encapsulates the vibe of the music Lynch often peppers his fictional drinking holes with:

"Snakes Eyes effectively harkens back to a time when noir R&B was the de-facto soundtrack to hard liquor violence."

Now if that's not poetry I don't know what is. I'd like for "Hard Liquor Violence to henceforth be know as a genre.

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