Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Genesis of Preacher: Discussing Preacher Sn 2.1

My good friend and fellow Drinking with Comics host Chris Saunders and I decided to do a discussion show for the second season of AMC's Preacher. I'll admit to being something of a skeptic on the first season - Preacher is my all-time favorite comic and holds a very dear place in my heart; the formula for its incredibly powerful story is a nuanced one, and I've always been fairly afraid that adapting it another medium would 'miss the heart' of Jessie, Tulip and Cass's journey. Preacher season one had it's ups and downs - I fully expected to hate it (AMC has already tarnished my second favorite comic of all-time with their TWD so my prejudice is not without basis) but ended up liking it enough to continue with Season Two. Imagine my surprise when I LOVED the first two episodes. And Chris - also a huge fan of the book - did too. Why? Click play and let us tell you.

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