Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Genesis of Preacher

Along with the Twin Peaks video series I'm also doing a weekly after-episode discussion video on AMC's Preacher with Chris Saunders, one of my co-hosts on Drinking with Comics. Chris is helming the editing on this one and he's doing an outstanding job. I still have my issues with the series but overall this second season has more often than not delighted me, and we're trying to spend about ten minutes a week covering how the show deviates from the book, what we like and don't like about those deviations, and occasionally theorizing about where this version of the series is headed.
As I mentioned in my post for Twin Peaks Episode 9 I've been backlogged with responsibilities and as such am a bit behind posting stuff on this blog. Here's the videos for our discussions about Preacher episodes 2 and 3, with 4 to follow early this week. After that I hope to return to posting these as they come out.

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