Saturday, September 2, 2017

Firewater - Green Light

From one of my all-time favorite albums, Firewater's 1998 The Ponzi Scheme. I saw Tod A. and the line-up for this record perform it in its entirety at the loooong gone but highly fabled Chicago venue Lounge Ax. It was amazing. Ever since The Ponzi Scheme came into my life I've held in the highest regards - to me its one of a handful of records that represent the highwater mark of the 90s indie music era (before "indie" was a, ahem, genre...). Ironically though the albums sonic scope is so extravagant in its influences that I've held it against everything else Tod A. has done under that moniker, i.e. I never listen to any of the other records because hearing his vocals I just want to turn whatever it is off and replace it with The Ponzi Scheme. After laying back into it for two days now I've just completed a fairly engaged morning listen and have The Golden Hour and International Orange! - both of which I have Brown to thank for gifting me - on deck and am going to try to finally broaden my Firewater palate.

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