Tuesday, February 27, 2018

2018: February 27th 8:48 AM

There was indeed music in my head this morning, however I have forgotten what it was. In lieu of that, here's what I'm starting my workday with:

The same way I'm dipping back into 80s music to try and recontextualize it, I'm also moving back among the more recent cobwebs of the 00s - especially the late 00s - and attempting to re-engage with a lot of the music I was into at the time but have since let slip by the wayside. This album is a great example of that; I've never stopped liking Broadcast and the Focus Group Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age, or either of the two groups' individual work, I've simply found less time and impetus to fully surrender to the more spooky, occult soundscape-y areas of my collection. When I was into this in 2009-2010 I was not only very interested in the Occult, I practiced it a lot. This means music such as this was perfect for creating and sustaining altered states and temporal anomalies. The only temporal anomaly I experience now are on the dreaded 405. Will re-engaging with this music segue me back into a more occult-involved day-to-day? Maybe. I suppose it's no accident that I start doing daily Tarot readings and this music pops back onto my radar. It's life - let's see where it goes, shall we?

Playlist from yesterday:

Swans - The Glowing Man (disc 2)
Lantlos - .neon
Dio - Holy Diver
Broken Social Scene - You Forgot it in People
Mogwai - Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will
Casket Lottery - Survival is for Cowards (truncated listen)
Helmet - Meantime
Windhand/Satan's Satrys - Split (my vinyl arrived!)
Lawrence Whelk - Polks
House of Waxwork Vol. 2

Card of the day:

Balancing vigor with responsibility and action can be tricky. There's that lion almost running away with the Air of Fire's chariot again.

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Tommy said...

I was this close to writing about that Broadcast/Focus Group Record for Joup last Friday. This close.