Tuesday, February 13, 2018

February 13th, 9:15 AM

New obsession:

Lantlos reminds me a lot of Fen, and just to strengthen that comparison, the Universe saw fit to provide rain tonight in Southern California, just like the first night I heard Fen in 2011.

Playlist yesterday:

Killing Joke - Eponymous
Lantlos - Neon
Opeth - Blackwater Park
Slint - Spiderland
DyE - Fantasy
Deftones - Koi No Yokan
Lantlos again.

Reading wise I did manage to dig back into the Ligotti and actually jumped ahead, read and really enjoyed The Last Feast of the Harlequin. Since then I shifted back to Grady Hendrix's Paperbacks from Hell and dug out Laird Barron's 2014 anthology, The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All, just to re-read More Dark for a comically accompany "Tom L."

Love this story.

Card of the day:

2 Cards jumped out of the deck again today:

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