Friday, May 11, 2018

2018: May 11th 8:26 AM

New Arctic Monkeys!

The album is out now, and you can click HERE to go to Brooklyn Vegan and hear the entire album.

Playlist from yesterday:

Darkness Brings the Cold - Human Me
Arctic Monkeys - Suck it and See
Dead Cross - E.P.
Windhand/ Satan's Satyrs - Split E.P.
Darkness Brings the Cold - House of Sin, albums one and two
Teenage Wrist - Dazed E.P.

Card of the day:

The duality of the One. Two sides of the same coin. A marriage of alchemical elements. I'll choose to interpret this as I need to spend some time with my Baby, who I feel like I haven't seen ages due to work, my writing schedule and her having been sick for a week. Will remedy that this weekend. Happily.

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