Friday, May 25, 2018

2018: May 25th 6:54 AM

I shut the door pretty hard on Twin Peaks last year when it ended. Nothing against it, but when I stop to consider how much time and energy it consumed from me, it makes perfect sense that I would have needed to distance myself (I remember saying I was going to rewatch it like a month later - ha!). I've really only began to even think about it again recently. One insight these new considerations have  revealed is the idea that I'm slightly unsure and maybe even a little bit nervous as to how the new series may have affected my relationship with the original - when I deep dive, I'm not really finding that first run occupying the same place in my head. Maybe this is just an integration period - the new series fractured the old and how I relate to it, now I have to rebuild? Probably thinking about this too much (probably = definitely). I spent the last two days getting increasingly jazzed on the music from the new series again, and that's very much making me want to rewatch it. I've got a three-day weekend ahead of me, however I also have a backlog of flicks to watch and roughly 53K words to write in the next 35 days, so I'm thinking that probably won't happen. I will, however, continue to enjoy the music, like the link above. I know it's not the actual Lynch remix that appears on the Score for season three, but honestly I like this one better. It's a part of the Twin Peaks playlist I made early on during Season 3, adding to as I went along and peppering in some BlueBob and a few tracks from the Twin Peaks musical archive that was released through David a few years back.

Playlist from yesterday:

Dosh - Pure Trash
Twin Peaks Playlist
Twin Peaks Season 3 OST
Chromatics - Night Drive
Burzum - Filosfem
Blut Aus Nord - 777 Trilogy

Card of the day:

Emotionally charged but creative juices flowing? Luckily, I'm actually well-rested and think I can handle this today. I want to try and write at least 15K words over the next three days, so we'll see.

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