Saturday, July 28, 2018

2018: July 28th

I listened to True Widow's AVVOLGERE all the way through several times yesterday while in the midst of an outstanding writing session. Many props to Keller, who I met with on Thursday and who gave me invaluable notes on T12, which he is currently editing. Super charged by that, I sat in my writing nook for a straight two hours in the late morning/early afternoon yesterday and really made progress on Please Believe Me. I know it was two hours because one of the things Keller recommended to help me was a time tracker app that I downloaded and used for the first time. ATracker Pro should be good for me, as previously I've tended to either write for a nebulous two-three hours, or, as was the case during the T12 sprint, by word count; Scrivener has a Project Target feature that allows you to input a due-by date and a desired end word count, and then calculates a daily word goal based on that. I dig this function, as it inspires me to write everyday (thought I don't really need external incentive any more) so the daily targets stay relatively low, however it can create scenarios where you end up consciously or unconsciously word-stuffing, just to make the daily requirement. This is then felt during the editing process. I don't know that I ever consciously word stuffed on T12, however, on days when I would write and edit at the same time, I'd build up a daily count and then anything I would remove would be subtracted from that. Thus, there were a few occasions where I would write, let's say 2K words, edit out a large swathe of material further on, and be back to near zero again. THAT can be a morale killer.

Playlist yesterday:

True Widow - AVVOLGERE
The Veils - Total Depravity
The Misfits - Collection Two
Ministry - Dark Side of the Spoon
Deafheaven - Ordinary Corrupt Human Love
Drab Majesty - The Demonstration

Card of the day:

From the Grimoire: "Attainment/Success through Effort. Result from hard work. Solid foundation. Balance." - Fitting, based on the topic of today's entry, eh?

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