Sunday, July 15, 2018

2018: July 15th

To celebrate the Steelbook/Angela Figure exclusive Scream Factory announced last week. I won't be ponying up for it, at least not with the figure (no room for it), but it's pretty damn awesome.

Haven't been on here in a few days. Pulled a trip to Fingerprints in Long Beach on Friday during the day after K and I declared it a mental health day. Traded in a bunch of old CDs that didn't make the cut and used the credit to buy a couple gems on vinyl we'd been wanting.

Did a DwC Friday night and had the delightful Karen Kunawicz from the Manilla Times as our guest. Already editing it, so hopefully I'll have it up mid-week. As always, live feed is on our FB Page in perpetuity.

Spent most of Saturday, from about midnight to 8 PM watching the amazing Joe Bob Briggs on Shudder's The Last Drive In. A 24 hour horror movie marathon, this was basically a 27 hour horror movie party and I loved every second of it I caught (had to sleep for a few hours Friday night/Saturday morning). I'd never encountered Joe Bob Briggs before, and now that I've had a taste I can only hope this isn't, as he says, the last one of these he'll be doing. The entire event is up on Shudder as a season with each movie an episode. Each film has a considerably longer-than-usual runtime, as Mr. Briggs cuts in every so often to offer facts about each film, aside, stories, insights. This is the real draw, and I can only hope I can see him do this again, whether by having more, or through finding ways to watch the old Up All Night events.

Films played:

Tourist Trap
Sleepaway Camp
David Cronenberg's Rabid
The Prowler
Sorority Babes in the Slime Ball Bowl-O-Rama
Daughters of Darkness
Blood Feast
Basket Case
Herbert West: Re-Animator
The Legend of Boggy Creek

Great stuff, eh?

Playlist from the last few days has been sporadic at best with all the movies, so I'll refrain from posting it for now and pick back up tomorrow.

Card of the day:

Duality and completion.

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