Sunday, September 9, 2018

2018: September 9th

Starting the day off with a little Led Zeppelin.

Watched a couple great 80s horror flicks yesterday with K and my good friend John who is out visiting. First up:

I love both of the original Demons flicks by Lamberto Bava. The first would rank as my favorite, but mechanics of the horror in two is perhaps odder than the first, with the Demons coming through the television instead of the giant movie screen. In both films, I love the tone of the movie/show the audience is watching and how it kind of reflects their real world and kind of doesn't. There's a weird trans-meta element I can't quite explain, but it really works to make the entire thing creepier. And that's a lesson I often hear repeated - in horror, you don't have to explain everything. Sometimes that takes away from the story (I'm looking at you, Babadook).


Considerably more solid than you would think, I really enjoyed what I put on expecting a goof from.

Playlist from yesterday:

Secret Chiefs 3 - Book of Horizons
Fred Myrow and Malcolm Seagrave - Phantasm OST
Alice in Chains - Rainier Fog
The Thirsty Crows - EP
Stellar Corpses - Hellbound Heart EP
Stellar Corpses - Respect the Dead EP

Card of the day:

Reinforcing the reading from September 3rd.

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