Wednesday, March 25, 2020

RIP Stuart Gordon

To quote Tod Ashley, they're droppin' like flies right now. This one hits hard. I love Stuart Gordon's movies. I loved that I was able to see him in person - briefly - at the Steve Allen Theatre back in 2011, when he directed the Re-Animator: The Musical there. I love Re-Animator and Bride of Re-Animator (the latter admittedly had Brian Yuzna at the helm, but it was still Gordon's movie). I love From Beyond. I love King of the Ants. I love Dagon. I love his Dreams in the Witch House. This sucks. Rest in Peace, Mr. Gordon. Hopefully Herbert won't be stealing your remains and attempting to bring you back to life as some ghoulish creature of the night. But then again, if he does, it'd make a good movie!

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