Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Isolation: Day 104

Maybe the fact that I happened across this and liked it is proof I'm getting old and complacent. I don't know. I've never cared for pretty much anything about Powerman 5000 before, and I certainly wasn't expecting to dig this. But I kinda did. Are Spider and his bandmates simply latching onto the nearly omnipotent 80s/synth nostalgia that permeates our culture? Probably. Should that piss me off? Well, it would have younger me, but at this particular moment, there's a part of me - the tired, nostalgic part scared by the turns the world has taken - that's just hungry AF for more of the aesthetic from my childhood, when times were simpler and all we had to worry about was Nuclear War, AIDS, and razor blades in candy bars. Ahhhh, childhood...

New album is out on Cleopatra Records in August, HERE's the link to pre-order.


After looking for it off and on for the better part of twenty years, I am psyched to say I recently found a copy of Dante Tomaselli's debut film Desecration on DVD for $11.00. This one never made the jump to Blu, and previously I've seen the DVD listed for upwards of $100, so I guess this underrated Italian Director's brief time in the indie horror spotlight has faded. In re-watching Desecration's trailer for the first time in years, I can't help but wonder if this will be one that doesn't live up to the expectations I've slowly been building in my head ever since a good friend turned me onto Tomaselli's work back in 2003, with his feature Horror. While I haven't seen that one in a while, 2006's Satan's Playground remains my favorite of his films to date, and one I rewatch every few years around Halloween.

The mix of imagery employed here is so insane, I'm really hoping the plot doesn't just disintegrate into webbing to hold them all together. I guess I'll find out soon enough.



Various Artists - The Void OST
The Veils - Not Vomica
Lingua Ignota - Caligula
Helms Alee - Sleepwalking Sailors
Helms Alee - Night Terror
Helms Alee - Noctiluca
John Carpenter and Alan Howarth - Prince of Darkness OST
Jeff Grace - House of the Devil OST
Misfits - Collection Two
Ritual Howls - Rendered Armor
The Darts - I Like You But Not Like That



Love this card. From the Grimoire: Skill and/or Wisdom. Like yesterday, this feels appropriate. I hit one of those moments last night while reading the finished draft of the book to K where I actually made myself laugh. Always a good sign, because it doesn't happen often, so when it does, it tends to be genuine. As though I'm reading something someone else wrote.

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