Saturday, January 30, 2021

Genghis Tron's Dream Weapon

Wow. I haven't really checked in on Genghis Tron since 2005's Cloak of Love EP, when I fell in love with the track "Arms," putting it on a bunch of mixtapes (ie CDs) and playlists in the early days of iTunes. After only a handful of records in the 00s and nothing since 2008's Board Up the House, Tron is back and have a new record coming March 19, on Relapse Records! Pre-order Dream Weapon HERE.


Okay. Wandavision was trying my patience up to and into the third episode, but as of last night's? SOLD.

The same way my favorite X-Men team will always be the Australian hide-out 8-piece of Storm, Havoc, Wolverine, Colossus, Rogue, Longshot, Dazzler, and pre-body shop Psylocke, the Avengers team that sticks in my head is from the same era:

It's not a stellar team, and I can't even say I was a huge fan of any of these characters at the time, but the impending 'End' of the team - very similar to Claremont's Dissolution and Rebirth arc in Uncanny X-Men at the time - coupled with the weird juxtaposition of knowing next to nothing about over half this team, made me interested as hell. Also, the fact that on the cover of Avengers 298 it appeared Dr. Druid was fighting Thor using a Zoid is what probably proved my impetus for picking the book up to begin with:

I digress, big time. However, that's the point. Seeing Monica Rambeau resurface in the hottest current Marvel franchise blows me away and just really makes me take a happy spiral down memory lane. Plus, Kat Dennings? YES PLEASE. Marvel, you have me really interested in seeing how this plays out.


The Besnard Lakes - The Besnard Lakes Are the Last of the Great Thunderstorm Warnings
CCR - Willy and the Poor Boys
Ministry - The Last Sucker
The Big Pink - Velvet (Single)
Mrs. Piss - Self Surgery
Deth Crux - Mutant Flesh 


I can't help but assume this is referring to the fact that we have had two days of glorious rain in LaLaLand and now that I will be off for the next five days, the sun will return and I will be unable to actually enjoy the weather. My folks back home will laugh at this, but the struggle for moisture and rain-soaked atmosphere is real. 

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