Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Shang-Chi and the Voyag3r


This past weekend I stumbled on the band Voyag3r. Never heard of these guys before, and I think Apple Music did me a solid by rotating Lord of Doom Fortress in right after a Steve Moore track. I'm still getting used to this new update Apple has that makes their service a bit more like Spotify by continuing to play music after whatever album you're listening to ends. I both like and dislike this feature, but in this case, definite mark in the "Pro" column, because as I said, I don't know that I'd ever have heard Voyag3r otherwise. Listen to the outro of this track. It's gorgeous. After it ended, I listened to the entire record and absolutely loved it, so I'm on board. LOVE the use of guitars with the synths, it really makes these guys stand out from a lot of the other synthwave stuff out there.  You can head over to Voyag3r's Bandcamp HERE and check out their music, or dial them up on your favorite streaming service.

So F*&king down. 


SURVIVE - Mnq026
Blood Spore - Fungal Warfare Upon All Life
Gy├Ârgy Ligeti - Essentials
John Carpenter - Lost Themes III: Alive After Death
16 - Dream Squasher
Alice Donut - Dry Humping the Cash Cow: Live at CBGB


Prioritizing Earthly concerns, or in layman's terms, starting to save $$$ again. I did really good last year, but some unexpected car maintenance set me back last month. No biggie - gotta keep the machine running, right? Anyway, April was that rare bird where I had three paychecks in 30 days, so this is a reminder to roll into May feeding my savings account again. Can't keep paying rent forever, even in LALA Land.

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