Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Swinging Party

While I've picked at a few albums by The Replacements over the last five years or so, I've never really fallen for any. Until now. Holy cow! I'm reminded of when, in 2009, I fell hard into The Smiths decades after many people my age did.  A friend pointed out that both The Replacements and The Smiths are bands that classmates with older siblings tended to get into when we were younger, and with both of us being the oldest in our houses, that avenue to some of the more sophisticated music of the slightly older classes was cut off from us. That sounds about right, however, I definitely believe you find things when you need them. That was definitely true of The Smiths, and it feels equally accurate for The Replacements, or so far, their 1985 album Tim.

I love falling in love with older bands because I tend to go through these intense exploratory periods. One album at a time becomes an obsession, and within that microcosm different songs tend to cycle through as favorite obsessions. Currently, I'm stuck on "Swinging Party," its subtle lyrics and shimmering guitar, but I've already moved past "Kiss Me On the Bus", and seem imminently bound for "Little Mascara" to commandeer my obsession.


With only a handful of episodes left of Penny Dreadful, K and I made the joyous mistake of watching the first episode of Servant on Apple TV.  Five episodes later we are HOOKED and not going to be able to go back to Penny until we blow through both seasons of this show. The tone, the ambiance, the characters!  I'm a big fan of Lauren Ambrose's character Claire on HBO's Six Feet Under, so it's nice to see her again. 



The Replacements - Tim 
Garbage - No Gods No Masters (single)
The Joy Formidable - Into the Blue (single)
The Joy Formidable - AARTH
Zombi - Cosmos
Zombi - Shape Shift
Zombi - 2020



No capacity for interpreting this at the moment, because I'm worn out from being up too late watching Servant! 

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