Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Givin' You the Ghost, Spider-man

It had been a minute since I'd pulled out Polica's 2012 debut Give You the Ghost. I don't really know all that much about this group/performer, and I'd forgotten how much I like this album. Above is the stand-out track, but really, the entire record plays like a cohesive whole. In the interim since I've checked in with Polica - yeah, it's been a minute - they've released quite a few records. I'm just starting to go through them now.  


Another big pull list this week. Jesus Marvel, take my money:

As I suspected, we're closing in on the end of Nick Spencer's run on AMS, and looks like a lot of great stuff is happening. While I've been reading this, I've also been re-reading my old school, 80s Spidey comics, and I can kind of see how the current, post Brand New Day continuity is winding its way back to the one I grew up with. I don't love all of it - I especially don't like the retconning of Ned Leeds and AMS #289 which is HOLY in my opinion - but I can live with all of it just out of curiosity as to how this will land and, subsequently, how the new iteration of the title that kicks of at the end of the summer will play out.

I bought the first issue more out of resale ideology, but I'm curious enough that I might pick this up.

Another one that I'm not certain I'll actually be buying, but I'm curious enough to consider it, simply because I still love Flash Thompson in a Symbiote suite, and if I can't have him in Venom, I might just follow him here. Honestly though,  at a glance, all these other Symobiotic characters feel superfluous at best.

Loving this book and this issue probably wins for the best cover this week.

The finale to what has been an eloquent and downright beautiful exploration of how human beings relate to their own mortality.

Yet another that I'm not entirely sure I'm interested in buying. I'm looking forward to the upcoming Netflix series - I'd be looking forward to it more if there was Hordak or a Slime Pit involved - but the prospect of a comic based on what has historically been a completely under-represented and almost ignored property from my childhood looks pretty good on 'paper' at the moment.

The first issue didn't blow me away, but I'm interested enough to try number two. 

Still digging this weird SciFi/Horror/Action mash-up.


Polica - Give You the Ghost 
Polica - Shulamith
Bells Into Machines - Eponymous
Perturbator - Nocture City EP
Zen Guerilla - Positronic Raygun
Genghis Tron - Dream Weapon



Remembering to think of the bigger picture.

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