Monday, July 12, 2021

New Ministry!

I haven't been this excited for a new Ministry album in quite some time. I'm loving this song; the "fuck the police" samples seem a bit overdone, but the old-school flavor of the music grabbed me immediately (Thanks Mr. Brown!)


Parts 1 & 2 of my first Reddit Nosleep serialized story is now up. You can read it HERE. It's kind of about a Haunted Garage. Kinda.


Big Day for comics. Again.

"Get April!"

JUST reading the core title, but so far, for my first modern Star Wars series, I'm digging this one. I mean, the last issue we had 4-Lom and Zuckus. I've been waiting for an expansion on those cats since I was like four years old.

Can't wait to read this AND see the film, which I believe should be available to rent on Prime.

The Silver Coin
recently got "renewed" for more issues beyond this initial four-part run, and I am totally stoked for more.

Been a minute, and this awesome BW&B series totally fell off my radar.

More Spidey, 'Nuff said!


Windhand - Eternal Return
Ministry - Animositisomina
Ministry - Good Trouble (pre-release single)
The Gutter Twins - Saturnalia
King Woman - Celestial Blues (pre-release singles)
Emma Ruth Rundle - Marked for Death
Chelsea Wolfe - Hiss Spun


Big picture. Now that the Nosleep is going, I'll take this as a nod in the right direction as yesterday I dove back into Shadow Play, Book Two.

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