Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Møl - Photophobic


I totally missed the fact that Denmark's Møl released a new album earlier this year. I'm still fairly new to this band - my fellow Horror Vision host King Butcher turned me on to 2018's Jord two years ago, and though I played it quite a bit that year, the band kind of fell off my radar at some point. Well, this puts them right back in heavy rotation. Wow-what a fantastic blend of styles these guys have - the melodic is beautiful and uplifting and the heavy is fucking BRUTAL! Pick up the new album Diorama digitally at Møl's Bandcamp or a physical copy from Nuclear Blast HERE.


Somehow, I forgot to mention here that last Saturday night, K and I saw Aaron Sorkin's new film Being the Ricardos

After the movie let out, I took to social media to proclaim this as most likely the best movie I'll see in 2021. I think that statement was a bit reactionary, but Being the Ricardos is absolutely on the short list for my favorite films of the year.


A decidedly light week for NCBD, here in the middle of December.  Let's see what I'm getting into this time:

I really dug the first issue of Chip Zdarsky and Jacob Phillips' new Neo Noir Newburn, and I'm looking forward to more from this series. Reminds me a wee bit of Donald Westlake's Parker novels. 

This book is creepy, super weird Cold War Conspiracy fiction that feels like it's about to explode into some crazy Horror and all that's fostering a lot of anticipation in my comic-loving heart. 

Apparently, we're getting a much bigger, more ambitious collaboration from Lemire and Sorrentino over the next year or two, and if Primordial and Gideon Falls is any inkling of what they're capable of, that's damn good news.

More Lemire! With him pretty much doing everything on this one, Maze Book feels like an extremely personal vision, which of course makes reading it that much more enjoyable. For a creator to put this much of themselves into a project, it's just a joy to experience. 

This book is super strange, super gorgeous, and has just been such a nice surprise for something I picked up the first issue for on a total lark. 

Gorgeous holiday cover that playfully evokes the light/dark tone of the old school Turtles book, back in the B&W Explosion days of the 80s. The constant homages to the original series, the ongoing considerations the team that does this book pay to everything that came before this iteration, it all just makes this book the greatest reboot of all time.


Chelsea Wolfe and Converge - Blood Moon: I
Deadlife - City of Eternal Rain
sunnata - Climbing the Colossus
Boy Harsher - Careful
sunnata - Burning In Heaven, Melting on Earth
Ghost of Vroom - Ghost of Vroom 1
Calexico - Seasonal Shift
Godspeed You! Black Emperor - F# A# ∞


Another new beginning, or am I just not seeing what's right in front of my face?

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