Wednesday, December 8, 2021

BORIS By Wolves


New music from Boris and it's once again nothing like anyone would have expected. Also, super happy to see Sacred Bones releasing this! How awesome is that? The album "W" is out January 21, and you can pre-order it HERE.


Finally, confirmation we have a second season of Raised By Wolves on the horizon!

This show just below me away in 2020. I mean, where the hell can it go from here? Well, we finally get to find out. 


A fairly easy-going NCBD this week. Good news after last week's unexpected haul.

I still adore this "Best of" TMNT series, and I can only imagine what might be in this Shredder volume. 

Chris Saunders and I talked about our love for the first issue of this book back on the most recent episode of A Most Horrible Library. Can't wait to dig into issue #2!

I think Inferno is my most anticipated book each month at the moment, and that's crazy. Here's another cover I will never be able to purchase - a co-worker just paid $50 for it before it even goes aftermarket - but that doesn't mean I can't post it here so I can relive its glory at some later date. 

This book is the bees' knees, and this cover totally reminds me of an 80s Creepshow throwback. Love it.


I couldn't even begin to catalogue everything I've listened to since my last post, so here's yesterday's playlist and whatever else I remember:

Ethyl Meatplow - Happy Days, Sweetheart
Mike Patton - Mondo Cane
Marilyn Monroe - Some Like it Hot
Sparks - Plagiarism
FFS - Eponymous
David Bowie - Scary Monsters (And Super Freaks)
Mastodon - Hushed and Grim
Grimes - Visions
Grimes - Art Angels
Zeal and Ardor - Stranger Fruit
Sonic Youth - Dirty
Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker - Diz 'N Bird At Carnegie Hall
Bohren and Der Club of Gore - Sunset Mission


Reflecting my empathic feelings for a friend who lost his beloved cat and the friend who works at the animal hospital that had to tell him. Really took me aback yesterday, reminding me how transient these little loved ones we cling to are. 

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