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Sunday, April 2, 2023

Tori Amos - Cornflake Girl


If you're watching Yellowjackets, you know why I'm posting this. I feel like I totally forgot about this song and Tori Amos in general. I was never a HUGE fan, but respect the hell out of her, and this song has always blown me away.


30 Coins season two!


I'll admit - I'm still pretty raw at HOBO MAX for canceling Raised By Wolves instead of just doing that third, final season, and that makes me a bit trepidatious about any show on there having a continuing storyline from season to season. I'll also admit that based on how 30 Coins season one ended, I didn't foresee more to the story at all. I mean, obviously, the final images left things open for more, but it didn't seem essential. Which makes me feel better about another season of the show. I mean, I want as much of this as they'll give me, but I also don't want a dangling cliffhanger. 

ALL of that aside, can I get a hell yeah for this trailer? Can't wait.


Bettye LaVette - The Scene of the Crime
Damon - From the Attic
Le Butcherettes - A Raw Youth
Fvnerals - Let the Earth be Silent
Massive Attack - Mezzanine
Cristobal Tapia de Veer - Smile OST
Mortician - House By the Cemetery EP
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Suck My Kiss (single)
QOTSA - Smooth Sailing (single)
Screaming Females - Desire Pathway
Tori Amos - Cornflake Girl (single)


From Missi's Raven Deck:

In this particular moment, this card is a reminder to focus on the world outside myself, because sometimes, that interior space just gets too cyclical and can cause a lot of anxiety,

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

BORIS By Wolves


New music from Boris and it's once again nothing like anyone would have expected. Also, super happy to see Sacred Bones releasing this! How awesome is that? The album "W" is out January 21, and you can pre-order it HERE.


Finally, confirmation we have a second season of Raised By Wolves on the horizon!

This show just below me away in 2020. I mean, where the hell can it go from here? Well, we finally get to find out. 


A fairly easy-going NCBD this week. Good news after last week's unexpected haul.

I still adore this "Best of" TMNT series, and I can only imagine what might be in this Shredder volume. 

Chris Saunders and I talked about our love for the first issue of this book back on the most recent episode of A Most Horrible Library. Can't wait to dig into issue #2!

I think Inferno is my most anticipated book each month at the moment, and that's crazy. Here's another cover I will never be able to purchase - a co-worker just paid $50 for it before it even goes aftermarket - but that doesn't mean I can't post it here so I can relive its glory at some later date. 

This book is the bees' knees, and this cover totally reminds me of an 80s Creepshow throwback. Love it.


I couldn't even begin to catalogue everything I've listened to since my last post, so here's yesterday's playlist and whatever else I remember:

Ethyl Meatplow - Happy Days, Sweetheart
Mike Patton - Mondo Cane
Marilyn Monroe - Some Like it Hot
Sparks - Plagiarism
FFS - Eponymous
David Bowie - Scary Monsters (And Super Freaks)
Mastodon - Hushed and Grim
Grimes - Visions
Grimes - Art Angels
Zeal and Ardor - Stranger Fruit
Sonic Youth - Dirty
Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker - Diz 'N Bird At Carnegie Hall
Bohren and Der Club of Gore - Sunset Mission


Reflecting my empathic feelings for a friend who lost his beloved cat and the friend who works at the animal hospital that had to tell him. Really took me aback yesterday, reminding me how transient these little loved ones we cling to are. 

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

The Associate

This track popped up in Rose Glass's Saint Maud - which we review and discuss on the newest episode of The Horror Vision Horror Podcast, and it made me immediately pull out Down and pop it into rotation. Of the classic Lizard triptych of essential records - Goat, Down and Liar - Down usually comes in third for me. That said, it's still among the greatest albums of the 90s in my opinion, and it's always a good feeling to reconnect with their music, especially after encountering it in a modern movie. 


I'm LOVING that Marvel is taking so much of my money every month for Amazing Spider-Man. Nick Spencer's run has me hooked, and as of this issue, it looks like Bagley is back on the art!

The Autumnal is one of those rare, truly unnerving stories that feels like it could very easily be picked up and turned into an A24-ish movie. Let's hope that happens eventually, but in the meantime, issue 6 left us in a place that suggests this week's #7 will be crazy!

This series is riding at about a 65% approval rating with me at the moment, but I've apparently locked back into Marvel fan-boy gear for the first time since the MCU's Civil War broke it, so I'm enjoying the hell out of that 65%. Also, Dane's anthropomorphic black goat-headed butler is named Phillip. I can't love that enough.

This series. Whoah. Timely; a much-needed window into what other people go through to get into this country. 

I HAVE to have this cover. Love Stray Dogs, and issue #3's cliffhanger has had me on edge at the mere mention of the series since last month. 

Another book I also wanted to mention is Osaka Mime. I was lucky enough to have Behemoth Comics reach out to my podcast A Most Horrible Library a while back and send us an advance of Andy Leavy and Hugo Araujo's Osaka Mime graphic novel. I really dug this book and seeing its release slated for this week, suggest people pick it up.

A black and white Urban Horror story set in Japan, here's the solicitation:

"When a couple are found brutally murdered in the Dotonbori District in Osaka, Japan, two detectives from the Supernatural Unit of the Osaka PD must hunt down and apprehend a dangerous and murderous Mime, a shadowy shape-shifter which can take the form of the last person it ate. How do you catch something so dangerous, that can hide in plain sight?"


This one snuck in under my radar, but looks fabulous! Featuring Raised by Wolves' Niamh Algar, the idea of setting a Horror story in the video nasty area already has me hooked, however, toss in the missing sister seen-in-a-movie bit that Ed Brubaker just played with in Friend of the Devil, and I'm super psyched for this one to drop on VOD June 18th!


The Jesus Lizard - Down 
Soundgarden - Down On The Upside
Neverly Brothers - Dark Side of Everything
Ghost - Meliora
Type O Negative - Life is Killing Me
The Doors - LA Woman



A good omen considering we have officially begun to settle back into a genuine sense of normalcy. K's birthday Dinner at Lazy Dog Cafe on the patio last night was the first time we'd eaten a meal in a restaurant in over a year. It felt nice to celebrate my Empress with such a marked occasion that signifies a return to life as we knew it B.C.

Saturday, October 3, 2020

Isolation: Day 203


New Meg Myers? Yes! Wow, Ms. Myers music just keeps getting more lush and interesting. This is obviously very produced, almost to the point that it sounds like a pop queen's record, except her song writing continues along a track that puts her as a natural heir to the lineage that Kate Bush began and Tori Amos continued. Image that: a pop Kate Bush. Actually, as luck would have it, we don't have to imagine it, because here it is.

Pre-order the new album out November 11th on Sumerian Records HERE.


Being that I run a small business, really a micro business at this point, I'll always use this space to promote what The Horror Vision/THV Press is up to. Most recently, I've branched out into THV as a boutique record label. That's right. There is some new music on the horizon, but first up, I've finally taken steps to get the albums I did with Darkness Brings the Cold onto streaming platforms. First up, Darkness Brings the Cold - Devil Swank, Vol. 1 is now on all streaming platforms. Here's a link to Apple Music and I've updated the widgets on the right hand side of this page with a Spotify widget.


Thursday night was a HUGE event viewing night for K and I. We started with the Raised By Wolves Season One Finale. This is now one of my favorite shows going, as it is absolutely unlike anything I have ever seen before. Also, I once again have a teeny tiny sneaking suspicion this may end up tying into the Prometheus/Alien Universe. It doesn't matter if it does or not - hell, at this point, I'd overall probably rather it didn't. But either way, I love this show. Here's the opening credit sequence, with music by Ben Frost, who I am thrilled to see moving on from scoring Netflix's Dark to something as high profile as this.


After Raised By Wolves, we changed it up and did the South Park Pandemic Special. South Park is often hit or miss with me, and I'm not a die hard. Season 19 - the introduction of PC Principal was one of the most genius satires I've ever seen, and this special is right up near it. Maybe I just really needed to laugh, but there was one scene that I honestly believe made me laugh harder than I have ever laughed before. It felt GOOD.

Here's the opening musical number, I Love You Social Distancing, which I guess could kind of be a theme song for this blog:


31 Days of Halloween:

Also over the last two nights, we started our 31 Days of Halloween ritual, month-long viewing. This year, I thought I'd work in as many short films as I could, and as such, it occurred to me to finally take care of a little unfinished business. 

I've watched The October Society's Tales of Halloween several times now and never taken to it, and just seems completely insane to me because I love pretty much every director who had a hand in making this anthology. So to kick the first two nights off this year, we began taking one or two shorts a night, as kind of a throwback to old school theater experiences, where cartoons or serialized pulp adventures would precede the feature. First up then was David Parker's Sweet Tooth on Thursday, with Adam Gierasch's Trick and my favorite thus far, Darren Lynn Bousman's The Night Billy Raised Hell.


Moving on to features, we capped Thursday with George Waggner's original, 1941 The Wolf Man. A perfect film to kick off this year's October viewing, especially with a full moon that night (and another coming on the 31st; oh 2020, what sights you have to show us).

Friday was a half day from work, and I continued the 31 Days with an afternoon viewing of Stuart Gordon's From Beyond. I had no idea this was coming to Shudder, so the moment I saw it in the Just Added section, I hit play. This one is even better than I remembered it - first and only viewing was quite some time ago - like maybe 20 years. From Beyond is a practical FX extravaganza, and Jeffrey Combs, Barbara Crampton, Ken Foree, and Ted Sorel act their asses off! 

Next, HULU premiered their new series Monsterland on Friday. I know I've talked about this in these pages ad nauseam, but now that it's here, I'm overjoyed. Monsterland is, of course, an adaptation of Nathan Ballingrud's first collection of short stories, North American Lake Monsters. I've been waiting for this one since I got to meet Babak Anvari, the Director of Annapurna Pictures' first adaptation of Mr. Ballingrud's novella The Visible Filth, 2019's Wounds, at Scream Fest last year. During my brief discourse with Mr. Anvari  - super nice chap, btw - we geeked out over Ballingrud's writing and he excitedly mentioned this series was en route.

The first episode, Port Fourchon, Louisiana, adapts the first story in the book, You Go Where it Takes You. I really think Bloody Disgusting/Fangoria writer Megan Navarro drove the proverbial nail in the palm when she wrote of the show, "... cuts straight to the heart of the human condition and at its ugliest and most hopeless. It's not the monsters that provide the horror here, but humanity." (Full article HERE). This is definitely a downbeat, philosophically reflection on humanity and the corners we like to paint ourselves into.

Let's start the count:

1) The Wolf Man
2) From Beyond/Monsterland: Port Fourchon, Louisiana


Deftones - Ohms 
Deftones - Diamond Eyes 
Sepultura - Quadra 
Type O Negative - Bloody Kisses (digipak) 
The Sisters of Mercy - Floodland 
Tangerine Dream - Sorcerer OST
Darkness Brings the Cold - Devil Swank, Vol. 1
Also, I spent a lot of time updating my All Hallows Playlist and adding it to Spotify. Here's a link:



Out with the old, in with the new. 

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Isolation: Day 175 - New Music from All Them Witches

New music from All Them Witches on this wonderful first day of a three-day weekend. New album Nothing As The Ideal dropped yesterday, order it HERE.


Originally, I had no intention of watching the new Ridley Scott produced Raised By Wolves. After Mr. Scott decided Michael Fassbender's android character David was now the focal point of the Alien franchise - a decision that would not have bothered me had Scott not bizarrely used it as a reason to kill ALL the Engineers off camera* - the trailer for Raised By Wolves looked like he was now doubling down on his android fascination, deciding to make something new and wholly apart from Alien that only focused on those white-goo filled humanoids. 

I mean, David, Bishop, Ash - the androids are all great characters, filled with weird amoral dilemmas, but they're not that cool, right? I mean, cooler than the Engineers, the god-like creators of the Xenomorph and, um, EARTH? No.

However, then I began to think, what if Raised By Wolves does end of tying in? I've always regretted the fact that the marketing for Prometheus gave away the connection to Alien before the movie even opened. I mean, imagine having gone to see this new Ridley Scott Sci Fi movie in the theatre, getting to the end, and seeing it suddenly connect as a surprise? It would have been one of the best theatrical experiences ever! Robbed of that, what if Mr. Scott had a new opportunity to do the same thing and took it, only this time as a top tier HBO series?


Well, after watching the first two of the three episodes that dropped this week, I'm pretty sure Wolves will not tie in to Alien. However, it's pretty damn good. Also, it's not a Scott creation. This is the brainchild of Aaron Guzikowski, who also wrote one of my favorite films of the previous decade, the Denise Villeneuve-directed Prisoners. Keeping that in mind, after two episodes, I'm all in.


 Zeal and Ardor - I Can't Breath (pre-release single) 

Zeal and Ardor - Vigil (pre-release single) 

The Smiths - Louder Than Bombs 

Queens of the Stone Age - Era Vulgaris 

Nirvana - Nevermind


Whenever I draw the Ace of Disks now, I draw a clarifying card, because somehow, this one has becomes slightly bent, which physically increases the chance that it is the card I will cut the deck at. I don't want to completely disregard it; also, my preference previous to beginning these daily pulls was always to do at least a three-card spread, however, as the meme goes, ain't nobody got time for that.

Four of Wands, Completion. Two solid cards, one vested in Material or Earthly matters, one in aspects of Will. What do they tell me when taken together?
As is my wont, I interpret pretty much everything in these daily draws as relating to my work as a writer. If I ever need anything outside of that, I draw separately and don't mention it here. Keeping this in mind, I  believe my plan for the day should be to finish my most recent query letter on Murder Virus before I dip back into Shadow Play, and send it out. I've stalled on everything of late, mostly because I've slipped or herniated a disc in my back and am more or less in continuous pain, which has affected my mood, which in turn has made me quite lethargic. Need to get over that.