Wednesday, March 23, 2022

New Music From Blut Aus Nord!!!


Many thanks to Heaven is an Incubator for posting about the new Blut Aus Nord album Disharmonium - Undreamable Abysses, out on May 20th 2022 from the always awesome Debemur Morti Productions. This sounds like a return to the 777 era of the band, so one track is really just a big freakin' tease. 

Pre-order the album HERE.


A light week this week for NCBD. Good. I spent quite a bit last week.

Saga! So happy to have this book back in my life, and awesome to see Lying Cat on the cover this month.

The fourth issue of X Deaths of Wolverine was the best one so far and has had me anxious to read this finale. 

A new stand-alone Horror anthology? Like, in the vein of The Silver Coin perhaps? Whatever the flavor, how the hell do I pass up a cover like that?


I can't believe they made this:

And I can't believe I got one without paying through the nose. So damn cool.


Drug Church - Hygiene EP
Entropy - Liminal
Author & Punisher - Kr├╝ller
SOM - The Shape of Everything
Johnny Marr - Call the Comet 
Metallica - Ride the Lightning 
Revocation - The Outer Ones
Blut Aus Nord - That Cannot Be Dreamed (pre-release single)
Perturbator - Lustful Sacraments


I'm taking this as a considerably more literal interpretation than I normally would, throw up some horns and jam some Slayer today.

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