Saturday, March 26, 2022

S.E.S. Soundtrack Excerpt Saturday: Electric Youth & Pilotpriest - Modern Fears

I'm doing a bit of mental restructuring and wanted this site to match. This is kind of my forward-facing mental pocket - a place I can tip out the contents of my head and sort it into something shareable with others, so it makes sense that it would grow and change the same as I do.

For S.E.S., I wanted to have one day a week where I could just put up a piece of music that, at that moment or in the moments leading up to it,  has contributed to my current mental state. I also wanted to find a way to be more consistent posting without having to throw down the sometimes cumbersome regular format I employ. There was a time when not every post on these pages was as long as the current structure I've been working with for the last few years, and mixing and matching the two should keep my posting more consistent.

Pilotpriest and Electric Youth from the soundtrack of Anthony Scott Burns' (aka Pilotpriest himself) film Come True, which was on my top ten last year and which I am in desperate need of a rewatch. 

The vinyl soundtrack is courtesy of Waxwork Records and can be purchased HERE. It's divided between both artists, with several tracks being collaborations or remixes. Here's my favorite credited to Pilotpriest:

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